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Vim Vixen

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Vim Vixen 详情

Basic usage

h, j, k, l: scroll left, down, right, up, and right
j, k: scroll vertically
h, l: scroll horizontally
Ctrl+U, Ctrl+D: scroll pages by half of screen
Ctrl+B, Ctrl+F: scroll pages by a screen
0, $: scroll a page to leftmost/rightmost
gg, G: scroll to top/bottom

gg, G: scroll to top and bottom
d: delete current tab
u: reopen close tab
K, J: select prev or next tab
r: reload current tab
zp: toggle pin/unpin current tab
zd: duplicate current tab

f: start following links in the page
H: go back in histories
L: go forward in histories
[[, ]]: find prev or next links and open it
gu: go to parent directory
gU: go to root directory

:: open console
o, t, w: open a page in current tab, new tab, or new window
O, T, W: similar to o, t, w, but that contains current URL
b: Select tabs by URL or title
zi, zo: zoom-in/zoom-out
zz: Set default zoom level
y: copy URL in current tab
Shift+Esc: enable or disable the add-on in current tab.

Vim Vixen 中文


H, J, K, L: 向左,向下,向右,向上,向右滚动
J, K: 垂直滚动
H, L: 水平滚动
Ctrl U, Ctrl + D: 按屏幕的一半滚动页面
Ctrl B, Ctrl + F: 按屏幕滚动页面
0, $: 将一个页面滚动到最左边/最右边
Gg, G: 滚动到顶部/底部

Gg, G: 滚动到顶部和底部
D: 删除当前选项卡
U: 重新打开关闭选项卡
K, J: 选择prev或下一个选项卡
R: 重新加载当前选项卡
Zp: 拨动销/解除销电流调整片
Zd: 重复当前选项卡

F: 开始关注页面中的链接
H: 回顾历史
L: 在历史中前进
[[, ]: 找到prev或下一个链接并打开它
Gu: 转到父目录
GU: 转到根目录

:: 打开控制台
O,T,w: 在当前选项卡,新选项卡或新窗口中打开页面
O,T,W: 类似于o,t,w,但包含当前URL
B: 按URL或标题选择制表符
Zi, Zo: 放大/缩小
Zz: 设置默认缩放级别
Y: 在当前选项卡中复制URL
Shift Esc: 启用或禁用当前选项卡中的加载项。

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就itzuli的服务而言,可以将下列语言翻译成以下语言: 西班牙语、法语和英语。除了翻译之外,还加入了以实验方式收听翻译 (合成) 的可能性。 在词典部分,有可能使用英式,西班牙语,英语和德语。

【图】SL – Shopping Container
SL – Shopping Container

Shopping Container isolates your shopping activity from the rest of your web activity in order to prevent ads from tracking you outside of the shopping sites via third party cookies. This is a fork of the Mozilla Facebook Container.

【图】Mute New Tabs
Mute New Tabs

Many sites auto-play videos, send fake chat messages and create general nuisance while listening to music. This add on mutes all newly opened tabs.


扩展 “webroida” 接口。 功能: 暂停,播放,添加下一个,上一个,youtube视频到队列,打开和关闭模式,如.Repeat all,repeat single,random,shuffle等。

【图】Vanderbilt University New Tab
Vanderbilt University New Tab

请给我们评分!如果您觉得我们不配获得5星评级,请发送电子邮件或致电给我们!我们想听到你的消息!Support@brandthunder.com或614.321.9316 * 直接链接到社交媒体 * 简单,干净的布局,从视图中删除瓷砖 *

【图】Remove Youtube’s Suggestions
Remove Youtube’s Suggestions

为什么我要使用这个插件? 谷歌优化推荐是最有吸引力的视频。他们的理想推荐设置在运动大脑的自动响应点击-不管你是否感兴趣。对这些建议的持续接触会导致你的时间浪费。所以下载这个附加组件,并删除他们,因为你请! 如果您愿意支持此软件的开发和维

【图】Pixiv Container
Pixiv Container

Pixiv Container是Mozilla的Facebook Container。 Pixiv容器是MPLv2下的自由软件。 随意贡献:Https://github.com/crunchyegg/含有-pixiv (目前需要非英语语言


此扩展更改了上的等宽字体Github.com到费拉代码。我写这个是因为另一个人的分机不起作用。 源代码: Var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('blob-code'); 对于 (



it will be perfect if the UI can be customized.


wer mit vi/vim arbeitet kommt um diese Erweiterung nicht herum. Endlich Finger weg von der Maus, schnelles Arbeiten am Browser. Ausdrückliche Empfehlung.


Sorry if this is harsh, but why does this plugin need access to my history, website data etc? I just want to navigate up and down with vim keys.


Happy Vimming!


As long term vimperator/pentadactyl user I was in search for good replacement. Tried many, lastly SurfingKeys and Vimium, but was unhappy. After installing Vim Vixen I got again that old feeding, I am again in (productive) control of my web browser.


Poor defaults that I don’t want to change on every computer I go to. I much prefer Vimium’s x/X to close and open a tab than d/u. shift+j and shift+k are also backwards in this extension.


1.非常的好用。 2. [[, ]]: find prev or next links and open it –i couldn’t understand


Very useful, allow the user not to almost use the mouse


It works on every page, even if the page is blacklisted or i manually closed the addon. Needs tons of data. I like the shortcuts, but if I can’t turn it off it’s unusable for me.


Use vi mode to navigate the web page is very cool!


good job. thanks!


Love it. Is configurable and simply works the way you would expect it to work. Thank you for development of this! Making my browsing easier every day. Also the documentation at https://ueokande.github.io/vim-vixen/keymaps.html is great and simple.