Keyboard Surfing

Keyboard Surfing


Replaces default cursor with something cute 用可爱的东西替换默认光标

Cute Cursors
Cute Cursors

This extension turns all your cursors into the middle finger. 这个扩展将所有的光标都转换成中指。

The Finger Cursor
The Finger Cursor

Select Mouse Cursor of Your own choice. 选择您自己选择的鼠标光标。

Super Mouse
Super Mouse

Shortcuts for Google Chrome! Customizable with many actions. 谷歌浏览器的快捷方式!可通过多种操作定制。

smartKey Shortcuts
smartKey Shortcuts

Browse the web like a true keyboard warrior with simple hinting and a few vim-style browsing shortcuts. 像真正的键盘战士一样浏览网页,只需简单的提示和一些vim风格的浏览快捷键。



Tor-Haakon Gjone

I love the extension, but vim keys would be awsome !!!

Elijah Corpus

This needs to work with Chromebooks. It doesn’t recognize the Pause key.

David Bernal

Perfect tool.

Phương Trần Đức

Great tool


need to be more customizable(

Somnia Osam

What exactly do you mean by ‘drag’? You can fast-scroll by pressing Down+Mod or Up+Mod.

Terry Canaan

Needs to be able to drag

kushagra gour

You are a genius! This is so well implemented and it makes navigation so so easy! Thank you 😀

Andrian Andersen

A hidden jewel.

Mahedi Hasan

I’m recommending this to my friends.

Affection Addicted

I have added this extension to my “best extensions” list. It is so amazingly easy and intuitive to use. / 我已将此扩展添加到我的“最佳扩展”列表中。它使用起来非常简单和直观。



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