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Temporary Containers

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Temporary Containers 详情

Easily open disposable containers that isolate attached data and are deleted after usage: Fully automatic, based on navigation-target, for certain websites, with configured mouse clicks on links or just by using the toolbar icon.

  • Privacy Policy and Permissions
  • How does it enhance my privacy?
  • Matrix room: #tmp:mozilla.org


  • How to open Temporary Containers?
  • Want to make the most out of Temporary Containers? Enable Automatic Mode!
  • How to stay logged in on some websites in Automatic Mode?
  • Troubleshooting

Advanced Usage

  • More Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Automatically Delete History
  • Cookies
  • Scripts


  • Free Software / Open Source
  • Comparison with other privacy configurations and Add-ons
  • Compatibility with other Add-ons
  • Complementing Add-ons
  • Recommended privacy enhancing Add-ons

Temporary Containers 中文

轻松打开隔离附加数据的一次性容器,并在使用后被删除: 全自动,基于导航目标,对于某些网站,与配置的鼠标点击链接或仅通过使用工具栏图标。

  • 隐私政策和权限
  • 它如何增强我的隐私?
  • 矩阵室:# Tmp: mozilla.org


  • 临时集装箱怎么开?
  • 想最大限度地利用临时集装箱吗?启用自动模式!
  • 自动模式下的一些网站如何保持登录状态?
  • 故障排除


  • 更多键盘快捷键
  • 自动删除历史记录
  • 饼干
  • 脚本


  • 自由软件/开源
  • 与其他隐私配置和附加组件的比较
  • 与其他附加组件的兼容性
  • 补充附加组件
  • 推荐的隐私增强附加组件
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Love this addon. This is fantastic not only for privacy/security for everyday use but also great for testing sites while doing development. It becomes really easy to be logged into all the different types of users in a website at the same time and see the interaction.


Awesome extension but doesn’t work on Tor :((( Please fix!


A nicely done addon that comes closest to infocatcher’s private tab. I’ve set it to automatically delete cookies and history when the tab closes and that’s exactly what I wanted. A few more options would be nice, like hidng the address bar icon completely (had to use userChrome.css for that) but otherwise quite pleased.


IT WORKS! THANK YOU! === Previous review ==== CAN’T INSTALL IT ON TOR BROWSER! Dear Developer! 1. I have DISABLED permanent private browsing mode (browser.privatebrowsing.autostart = false). 2. I have INSTALLED Multi-Accounts Containers Add-on and it works FINE! 3. The problem is: I can’t INSTALL your Add-on, not RUN it! Error message: “Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt”. So, this is YOUR problem, not Tor’s! Please, fix it! https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/installation-aborted-because-the-add-on-appears-to-be-corrupt/43045


Great way to keep data-hungry domains isolated


Thanks you for the great extension! This and ublock are the two extensions that I can’t live without. This is one of the most underrated extension for enhancing privacy out there.


Well done! Really great work! For desktop. Thank you! Could you also make it available for FF on Android?

The Voice Inside You

I use a local homemade written html file as a start/homepage [HP]. Each time I open the browser my HP appears but it isn’t in any container. Make it so everything is in a container, including locally stored content.


Good enough sometimes, but often opens subdomains in new tabs even though I changed settings to do otherwise. Open in X container context menu option for Multi-Account Containers is broken, and I need to disable the addon everytime I want to add a new domain to a container.


It works very well!! In Automatic Mode, it seems that using the address bar to enter a different domain always creates another temporary container. I see the logic here -most typed urls from the address bar go to a different domain. All new blank tab address bar urls to go a different domain. Two questions. Is there a way to match a typed address bar url domain with any existing temp container of the same domain and use that existing temp container being that their domains match?? I have Global Isolation Navigation and clicks set to Different from Tab Domain & Subdomain Is automatic temporary containers per domain one of the intended use cases?? I used this with a clean ff install. It works great, but using the address bar leaves me with really way to many containers. This extension is great!


Probably one of the easiest and most secure ways to control privacy. It’s like having multiple different browsers in private-mode without the ability for each to talk to each other. Each tab can be made to be isolated and self-contained. This can replace the need for “self-destructing” cookie addons, because once a tab is closed, all cookies/storage is also removed.


Awesome extension! It’s very easy to categorize when bundled with Multi-account Containers add-on.