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【图】Readability based Reader View
【图】Readability based Reader View

Readability based Reader View

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Readability based Reader View 详情

Note: This extension uses the standalone version of Mozilla’s Readability library. The user interface is very similar to the original reader view. However you can apply your own styling to the view. Also it supports text to speech functionality.


Reader View extension brings Mozilla’s open-source Readability implantation to Chromium. Using this extension you can strip clutters from webpages and read them on “Reader View” mode. The extension allows you to toggle between normal view and reader view by pressing the page-action button.


Note that reader view mode works best for web pages that have a lot of content. There are some tools in the left side panel that can help you personalize your Reader View. You can change color, background-color, font-size, font-family and width of the reader view.

-> Remove distraction
-> Read in fullscreen mode
-> Remove advertisements
-> Save in HTML format
-> Print document
-> Read content using a powerful Text to Speech (TTS) engine
-> Edit HTML content (live editor)
-> Email document (with title, body, and reference to the original document)
-> Correctly display mathematical formulas
-> Highlight selected text
-> Move to the next and previous pages
-> Keyboard shortcuts for almost all actions

For more info please visit:

Change Log:
0.1.3: Calling a reader view by restoring it from history will trigger history.back
0.1.4: A more visible icon. Fixes a reader bug.
0.1.5: It is now possible to toggle the reader view using keyboard shortcut (define one from Chrome’s settings page)
0.2.1: Document parsing is improved. Switched to the latest Readibility.js library. Ctrl + S now saves the document same as pressing the “Save” button. Reader View now supports both rtl and ltr languages
0.2.2: It is now possible to select some content and ask the reader view to convert only the selected part. This is useful if the automatic selection tool is not detecting the content correctly.
0.2.4: Speech engine is added. You can now ask the extension to read the article for you. Estimated reading time is displayed below the article title

Readability based Reader View 中文

注意: 此扩展使用Mozilla的Readability库的独立版本。用户界面与原始读者视图非常相似。但是,您可以将自己的样式应用于视图。它还支持文本到语音功能。


Reader View扩展为Chromium带来了Mozilla的开源可读性植入。使用此扩展,您可以从网页中剥离杂乱,并在 “阅读器视图” 模式上阅读它们。扩展允许您通过按页面操作按钮在普通视图和阅读器视图之间切换。

Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ JCKc1CCOR0


-> 消除分心
-> 以全屏模式阅读
-> 移除广告
-> 以HTML格式保存
-> 打印文档
-> 使用功能强大的文本到语音 (TTS) 引擎阅读内容
-> 编辑HTML内容 (实时编辑器)
-> 电子邮件文档 (带有标题,正文和对原始文档的引用)
-> 正确显示数学公式
-> 突出显示所选文本
-> 移动到下一个和上一页
-> 几乎所有动作的键盘快捷键


0.1.3: 通过从历史中恢复来调用读者视图将触发历史。返回
0.1.4: 更可见的图标。修复了一个阅读器bug。
0.1.5: 现在可以使用键盘快捷键切换阅读器视图 (从Chrome的设置页面定义一个)
0.2.1: 改进了文档解析。已切换到最新的Readibility.js库。Ctrl S现在保存文档与按下 “保存” 按钮相同。阅读器视图现在同时支持rtl和ltr语言
0.2.2: 现在可以选择一些内容,并要求读者视图仅转换所选部分。如果自动选择工具没有正确检测到内容,这很有用。
0.2.4: 新增语音引擎。您现在可以要求分机为您阅读文章。预计阅读时间显示在文章标题下方

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This is the only reader I could fine after the built in reader mode in Firefox take over the job. But it does not force itself in certain webpages as other previously widely used reader mode extensions can not. This is the only extension I find working for every website and web page.

John Wayne Goodin

It’s fairly good. Good alternative to other Readability products that have been taken down or discontinued. Other than that the freeware Balabolka is a good alternative to read web pages and most other documents.


Ставилось для чтения переводов вебстраниц на translate.google.com. После нажатия на кнопку дополнения отображается настраиваемый интерфейс обычного Reader View, но вместо перевода отображается текст “Google Translate, 1 minute, From:”, and “To:”. Firefox 66.0a1 x64, Windows 10.


Nice work. I love the ability to adjust the background (and other) colours. It may be useful to clarify that such ‘overrides’ go into the bottommost sections of the CSS block in options. I seem to be seeing one bug though. Win7/SP1/x64 FF64. When closing the ‘reader view’ and going back to normal, it often returns me to the wrong page: not the one I was reading (normally and in reader), but the previous one. It’s as if it was occasionally performing the “Go back one page” operation. This happens quite frequently, perhaps 30-50% of the time. It would also be great if the original scroll position of the page could be preserved (the built-in version does this), but that’s relatively minor. Thank you!