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Ultimate Video Adblocker

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Ultimate Video Adblocker 详情

Ultimate Video Adblocker is a free extension for deleting advertising on video sites. Say no to annoying ads!

Main advantages:
– Blocking all kinds of ads (no popups and built-in videos).
– Accelerating the browser by reducing downloaded traffic
– Accelerate interaction with sites (no blocking ads)

* For the extension work needs standard permissions to work with the web page for removing advertising blocks, built-in videos, etc.

Ultimate Video Adblocker 中文

Ultimate Video Adblocker是在视频网站上删除广告的免费扩展。对烦人的广告说不!

-阻止各种广告 (没有弹出窗口和内置视频)。
-加速与网站的交互 (无屏蔽广告)

* 对于扩展工作需要标准权限来与用于删除广告块,内置视频等的网页一起工作。

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Manuel Martin Centen


heri lopez

excellent experience I love without a doubt the best extension its design is unique

Jimmy Lim

This is what software i am looking for,finally I am no more disturb with annoying ads.Thanks to Ultimate video adblocker.Highly recommend to everyone+++++

Morris Chikwere

This video adblocker is helping me to stream videos without any annoying ads. I highly recommend it.

amir jafari

What a great extension it literally blocks all the annoying advertisement without any hassle.Just add it and surf the video web service with ease.

David Martinez Ville

Excellent extension, the truth fulfills all its functions and is quite simple and straightforward, thank you very much

Mackenzy Dan

it’s equally a bad thing for big and small publishers as they are all supported by ads. it’s totally different from the AdBlock and Adblocker. Google Chrome ad-blocker’s purpose is to block only annoying ads on the web (desktop and mobile). It doesn’t have an option to block ALL ads (especially ads by Google). Instead, Google relies on Better Ads Standards to decide whether to block an ad or not.

Rafael Ferreira da S

Funciona… finalmente vou poder ouvir minhas playlists sem interrupções

Sourav Bera

This is the best Ad blocker i like it. I have used, It blocks every single ad..easily . thanks for making this

Jane Advincula

I really love this add on because I don’t see any adverts on videos anymore!

bikram sonar

it worked perfectly. now i can watch videos and never get frustrated out of adds..thanks Ultimate Video Adblocker…

Bon Dulos

Its awesome, very helpful to me, keeps me away from those annoying adds.!

Greg Bilser

Installed it and have tried it a few times – did not see any adverts on videos.

lina rachdi

I really enjoyed with this extension ,i have been always annoyed with that ads that interrupt me while i’m surfing on the internet but Ultimate Video give me a wonderful and happy time with no pop up with no ads . thanks so much

kuttan p

very useful extension its worked for me I will recommend this to my friends

Shem Mwangi

I love how effective the ad blocker works on youtube and home webpages, save me time as I directly navigate to the desired page

Anbu Rajan

One of the best Ad blocker i never seen and i highly recommend this extension and its more useful.

gin b

Finally I am no more disturb with annoying ads. This video adblocker is at its best and I highly recommend it to all Chrome users

Adela Luisa reyes

this is amazing and it really helps, thank you for this and I highly recommend this 🙂

Juana Gutierrez

excellent extension, it worked for me, it is ideal to block annoying ads and improve the speed of my browser

Nancy Bhabi

I loved it. It blocks annoying ads of video and helps me to watch video seamlessly and save data too.

Rohit Raj

Nice adblocker I love this adblocker extension

vetri maran

Much needed app and its really helpful and i expect this kind of app. Sure i recommend this extension.


Vrament rien a dire! C’est vraiment meilleur!

Karina Vargas