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【图】Add custom search engine
【图】Add custom search engine

Add custom search engine

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Add custom search engine 详情

Notice for Firefox 78+: Because of changes made by Mozilla the add-on is now less convenient. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Add a custom search engine to the list of available search engines in the search bar and URL bar.

Your custom search engine needs a name and search URL. Additionally fields include an icon, a suggestion URL, POST query parameters, the input encoding and a description.

Icons can be selected from your local computer or specified as an URL pointing to an image.

The extension UI is accessible via a button right next to the URL/search bar or the options in about:addons.

Due to a technical limitation with Firefox WebExtensions, all data entered when creating your custom search engine is uploaded to paste.mozilla.org.

Add custom search engine 中文

Firefox 78的注意事项: 由于Mozilla所做的更改,加载项现在不太方便了。很抱歉给您带来不便。




扩展UI可通过URL/搜索栏旁边的按钮或约: addons中的选项访问。

Due到Firefox WebExtensions的技术限制,创建自定义搜索引擎时输入的所有数据都上传到Paste.mozilla.org.

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就itzuli的服务而言,可以将下列语言翻译成以下语言: 西班牙语、法语和英语。除了翻译之外,还加入了以实验方式收听翻译 (合成) 的可能性。 在词典部分,有可能使用英式,西班牙语,英语和德语。

【图】SL – Shopping Container
SL – Shopping Container

Shopping Container isolates your shopping activity from the rest of your web activity in order to prevent ads from tracking you outside of the shopping sites via third party cookies. This is a fork of the Mozilla Facebook Container.

【图】Mute New Tabs
Mute New Tabs

Many sites auto-play videos, send fake chat messages and create general nuisance while listening to music. This add on mutes all newly opened tabs.


扩展 “webroida” 接口。 功能: 暂停,播放,添加下一个,上一个,youtube视频到队列,打开和关闭模式,如.Repeat all,repeat single,random,shuffle等。

【图】Vanderbilt University New Tab
Vanderbilt University New Tab

请给我们评分!如果您觉得我们不配获得5星评级,请发送电子邮件或致电给我们!我们想听到你的消息!Support@brandthunder.com或614.321.9316 * 直接链接到社交媒体 * 简单,干净的布局,从视图中删除瓷砖 *

【图】Remove Youtube’s Suggestions
Remove Youtube’s Suggestions

为什么我要使用这个插件? 谷歌优化推荐是最有吸引力的视频。他们的理想推荐设置在运动大脑的自动响应点击-不管你是否感兴趣。对这些建议的持续接触会导致你的时间浪费。所以下载这个附加组件,并删除他们,因为你请! 如果您愿意支持此软件的开发和维

【图】Pixiv Container
Pixiv Container

Pixiv Container是Mozilla的Facebook Container。 Pixiv容器是MPLv2下的自由软件。 随意贡献:Https://github.com/crunchyegg/含有-pixiv (目前需要非英语语言


此扩展更改了上的等宽字体Github.com到费拉代码。我写这个是因为另一个人的分机不起作用。 源代码: Var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('blob-code'); 对于 (



great for switzerland > so i put google.CH and delete the .com. now it works like i want why FF dont have this in the options ?

Ian Z

Think back to the days before rolling releases and remember the simpler times. Times when you could add any site to your search bar in a single click. Those were good times. This gives you a dose of that sweet nostalgia of having a powerful URL bar, but with the added fun of being able to customize the handling a wee bit more by yourself. I hope some day we’ll even get to a point where we can set keywords ourselves.


is there a way to synchronize custom search engines between different devices?


tks, working perfect for searching product on marketplace ex: tokopedia.com, bukalapak.com, shopee.co.id, lazada.co.id


Doesn’t work on Firefox 78+ and had to use “Add Search Engine from Mycroft Project” instead. Edit: Works now, thanks for prompt fix.


It’s a shame Firefox no longer lets me add DuckDuckGo UK (I used to be able to search on here and add it just fine), but this extension helped me. Mozilla Firefox has really dropped the ball here. Well done Tom Schuster for enabling a customisable work around.


A great tool that perfectly does its job


Was alarmed to learn that Mycroft Project search bar options no longer works, while recreating my Firefox profile. Apparently Mozilla is depreciating Opensearch XML addon support? That’s dumb. https://web.archive.org/web/20200629185533/https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/deprecation-of-opensearch-xml-add-ons-current-users/46868 Found this extension and it does the job of creating custom search bar options perfectly. Highly recommended!


I literally don’t know how to use this anymore, I used the form but nothing happened. Then a page was shown to add the search using the 3 dots but then all my customizations were lost and the search did not work. Instead of getting a wikipedia search all I got was https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Test every time. How do you use this thing now?

I used to use “add to search bar”, it only need a right click on the search box, it was much more easier.


Not working as intended. When I manually enter a search engine and press “Add custom search engine” I get sent to the “Adding a new search engine via the URL bar” page, showing how to add a search engine with the 3 dot menu, but the option in the 3 dot menu never appears for the sites im trying to add. I’d like an option for the manual input to not take me to the 3 dot instruction screen. Will update rating when this is resolved because this app is really vital for me.


All what I want. I don’t understand why mozilla does not include the custom search engines as feature.

Desi Burger

Man, I was about to uninstall Firefox and go back to Chrome thieves, for the lack of my country localized Google search engine in Firefox, that I just couldn’t find. This extension saved the day. Thank you so much.


Well, problem doesn’t reproduce anymore, so, I guess bad luck. Thanks for your work. (in the meantime, did things another way : directly uncompressing search.json.mozlz4, manually editing and recompressing. takes a bit of time but gets things done)


Great addon! A must-have for me, it saves my Firefox