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Night Eye enables night mode on any website using new algorithm that analyses and converts all colours instead of inverting them.

Night Eye enables night mode on any website using new algorithm that analyses and converts all colours instead of simply inverting them.

Night Eye enables dark mode on pretty much all websites – Facebook, Google, Quora, Github, Stackoverflow, Wikipedia and much more.

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Night Eye Lite is here – completely free forever version of Night Eye.

In a nutshell – Night Eye Lite can be used on up to 5 websites. For example – Google.com, Facebook.com and etc. You can manage the list of those 5 websites at any time. No ads, no hidden stuff – free forever.

More details can be found here – https://nighteye.app/lite-free-dark-mode-extension/

Before going to Lite, we would like to invite you to try out Night Eye Pro for free for 3 months – no credit card, no payment asked – simply install and try it out.
After the trial period of Night Eye Pro expires, you will be asked to pay to continue using it or go with the completely free version – Night Eye Lite.

More details about our pricing – https://nighteye.app/how-to-start/


➤ OS/Browser Color scheme integration – sync Night Eye with your macOS/Windows dark themes
➤ Deep integration with websites that have their own built-in dark themes.
➤ Schedule dark mode to turn on and off
➤ Custom dark mode for PDFs
➤ Export/Import data between your browsers


We strive to bring you the best possible dark mode experience. In this update we’ve made several improvements and added one major feature – OS/Browser color scheme integration.

fixed – Images inserted by other collaborators in Google Docs were breaking the dark mode
optimised – the parsing of external CSS
new feature – OS Color scheme integration with Night Eye (more details here)
optimised – Loading CSS styles for multiple HTML tags on one page
fixed – spaceweather.com dark mode
fixed – Firefox manual data export
fixed – Twitter deep integration
optimised – black color conversion

You can monitor all our updates and what we do at https://nighteye.app/changelog


The extension allows you to quickly switch the three available modes

➤ Dark – Go into complete dark mode. All colors, small images and icons will be converted to give you the smoothest dark experience possible.
➤ Filtered – The websites’ colors will not be changed, but you can still adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and more.
➤ Normal – Get back to the normal browsing experience.



Any modifications you make such as contrast level adjustment, blue light filter and etc. can be applied to a single website or globally.

➤ Images – Night Eye analyses and converts only the small images and icons in a website to give you even smoother experience. Facebook posts and other significant media is not converted.

➤ Brightness / Saturation / Constrast –Adjust the brightness, the contrast and the saturation to match the recommended healthy levels and protect your eyes. The default setting for each is 50%, but you can customize each to the preferred levels

➤ Blue Light – Take care of your eyes by eliminating the blue light coming from your screen. Highly recommended especially during late night browsing. Simply slide to the preferred level of warmth.

➤ Dim – Extremely useful if you are working in dark space/room and the screen is the only source of light in the room. The default setting is set to 50%, but you can customize it as you please.



Built-in support system – we take pride into being available to provide reliable support and help you with any problems or issues you might experience with the extension.



Night Eye is currently working on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Yandexand all other Chromium based browsers.



Instead of simply pointing you to our privacy policy. We would like to address this topic in the most understandable language here.

We do NOT collect anonymous usage data using an industry standard third party analytics (Google Analytics) while using the extension.

We only store the saved settings for each visited website of each Night Eye user in their localStorage (your computer). This relates to all adjustments made by the user to improve their browsing experience through the use of Night Eye. There are 7 types of adjustments: Colors, Images, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Cold/Warm and Dim.

In other words – we only store any visual adjustments you made while browsing the internet. We do not store them on our servers, but rather in your localStorage (your computer).


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This is my currently best dark mode right now and I'm really satisfied with its features, love it! Keep up the great work!


NO ES GRATIS...Tras periodo de prueba, hay que pagar


Amazing app, ty


Was really great as a free extension, but the price is much too high. A $9 subscription or $40? Try $5 for the license, ya'll.


Excellent plugin for to reduce eye strain, or Dark mode for websites.


nice ext


good but some bugs.


The problem with this extension is there is a long delay before it finishes a page load. For example doing a simple Google Search results in a 5 second delay before the page is fully shown. It shows part of the page but other elements are left blank for 5 secs. I tried disabling all other extensions and it didnt help. Shame.


Outstanding and best every extension. I have problem in my eye and I can't see white screen and Night Eye is a gift for night mode lovers it supports all website like native. Extremely Recommended.


非常棒的深色模式扩展 等有人民币优惠和支付宝支付支持后我一定要买个永久的!


It's not perfect - lots of places where text becomes unreadable when in dark mode, and it's a nightmare if you're using Blackboard for an exam or something (it reloads the page when enabling/disabling/changing Night Eye settings - big no-no with online exams!), but you can give it settings that apply to the entirety of the domain (i.e. all sites starting with Blackboard.University.edu). Google in dark mode is absolutely awesome, and the option to just dim pages instead of applying the dark mode filter is AWESOME!


Best universal dark mode add on I've found!


Gran programa para cuidar la vista!


Subscription based model for something like this is meh, especially when it tends to break on like 20-30% of the websites I visit.


Not FOSS, requires payment after a trial unless you want to use their 'lite' version which only handles 5 websites. Use Midnight Lizard or Dark Reader instead, which are free & open source and have more features.


Not gonna lie, this is my favorite add-on to use. It is very helpful when I want to surf the web at night without straining my eyes.


I cannot say enough About this app. This app was done by pros. I am a grad student and work online, and hence i spend a minimum of 12 hours looking at a screen. NightEye hands down is the best purchase i ever made as far as extensions go. Saved me from headaches from eye fatigue. I have tried others and by far must say this is not one of those apps that just change the color of the screen or dim the screen. There is some algorithms at work here. I am a grad student in computer science and they have my respect.




It doesn't work well in all sites. Dark Reader is much better and free.


not recommended


Finally a dark mode that just works. I don't mind paying a fair price for a good product. Highly recommended for everyone who works in front of a screen all day,


This is good addon even though it's only free for 5 websites, still that's more than enough for me, it's not like dark reader addon which interfere with dark themes from firefox itself. But it seems that you can't edit the 5 lists of sites, i try to find it in settings but can't find it It seems buggy, i can't seems to access the settings in the addons


Worse algorithm than ones in the bigger extensions, nothing special.


looks good, but slows down firefox until it's unusable because my CPU (i7-6600U) is utilized at 90-100%


GOOD: (1) I've not noticed any slowdown at all on page loading in Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or UR browser for Pro 3.2.1 (2) It appears to blank out the Google Ads box on a lot of pages when using Dark Mode. BAD: (1) On some browsers' addon pages, I see a lot of comments about not knowing the cost of Pro (which is $9.00 p.a./ 2c per day). That should be headline, not something you have to seek out. (2) On Gmail, the options after opening an email disappear. Not a big problem - just right click and 'back' arrow.


Amazing . I am so happy to have stumbled across this add-on. Initially I was looking for a dark solution for Dropbox Paper(which it is great for), but it also solved a long time issue I have had with dark mode workarounds in jupyter notebook. Also works great across all other webpages. So much value IMO even as a paid add-on. Cannot fault it yet. Great work.


It is incredible add-on. I'm using it on all browsers and it is a true game changer. I don't get it how can someone rate it down, just because it is paid + it is obvious that it is paid add-on...


It should be made clearer before installation that it's not free. Removed.


La primera extensión de pago que me encuentro en firefox... espero no volverlo a ver nunca mas Recomiendo: https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/darkreader/