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【图】Among Us New Tab
【图】Among Us New Tab

Among Us New Tab

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Choose your favorite Among Us backgrounds designs in new tab page that brings a new look to your chrome browser.

Please note: This extension modifies the default page you see when you open a new tab in your browser. The new tab includes a web search bar. This extension does not alter your default search engine in your browser address bar.

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“Replace the page you see when opening a new tab”

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请注意: 此扩展修改您在浏览器中打开新标签时看到的默认页面。新标签包括一个web搜索栏。此扩展不会改变您在浏览器地址栏中的默认搜索引擎。


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【图】Among Us Wallpapers Custom Mafia Game New Tab
Among Us Wallpapers Custom Mafia Game New Tab

安装我在我们之间的新标签享受各种hd在我们黑手党游戏壁纸自定义起始页。 特点: ★洗牌所有在我们壁纸背景,或者只是你最喜欢的在我们之间黑手党游戏背景壁纸。 ★粘性笔记,做提醒。 ★生活在我们的壁纸动画。我们黑手党游戏主题的幻灯片。

【图】Among Us Wallpapers
Among Us Wallpapers

从新标签页中的各种设计中选择您喜欢的背景。 请注意: 此扩展修改您在浏览器中打开新标签时看到的默认页面。新标签包括一个web搜索栏。此扩展不会改变您在浏览器地址栏中的默认搜索引擎。 单击上面,您同意安装此扩展,并同意遵守使用条款和隐私政

【图】Boxel 3D
Boxel 3D

Boxel 3D特点: + 超过30级3D物理 + 3D水准器 + 100% 免费更新 专业功能 (alpha期间免费): + 解锁24 + 玩家皮肤 + 保存数据 (分数,等级等) + 无限自定义级别 Boxel 3D目前处于alph


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Arlena Gennie

Much more fun playing it on the computer than on mobile. I just think that the controls are easier and I can monitor movements of the other players too. Have fun and good luck!

Guillermina Mccord

This extension is so great!, and I really loved Among Us PC Game

Audrie Khan

The Best extension for Among Us

Jules Valarie

This extension is cool! Nice HD images

Chance Tabatha

five star for this AWESOME Among Us Game!

Blaine Armstrong

I love the gameplay of this Among Us, five star for this!

Devorah Brandi

I liked this 100000000000000000000000000000x much for the graphics

Stephane Berrios

The game is simple yet FUN!, 5 star for this!

Waneta Stauffer

I’ve been playing it for a couple of months at this point and I usually get exhausted over games very quick, be that as it may, among us never gets old. Unquestionably probably the best game on the application store and very easy to comprehend. Notwithstanding, with a game comes a few bugs, and I’ve run over a significant number. But then again 5 star for this

Jack Mabry

Among us is an extraordinary game, it’s fun, fascinating, and it doesn’t get exhausting quick like different games. I rated this 5 star!

Charita Held

Totally love this game. I play practically regular! I think this was a very much idea out game and is SO irresistible! However, one thing I discover to be so tragic is the point at which I locate an extraordinary gathering of individuals and they either detach or need to leave and I can never observe them again or won’t remember them since they can change their names.

Archers Lair

The game is very compelling and extremely fun simultaneously! I imagine that you should consider adding a couple of new highlights. To begin with, I for one prefer to play free play a great deal and it would be much more fun if the “Fakers” would really play and not simply remain there.

Chris Cowdrey

I’m a HUGE fanatic of among us, can’t really accept that it took 2 years to be taken note. Yet, there’s a major issue for individuals with lower end gadgets, as iPhone 6 and down, or IPad smaller than normal 2-3 and down. It’s the old gadgets which are attempting to appreciate Among Us.

Curly Mac

I’ve played this game for two or three months and it’s stunning. It’s truly enjoyable to play either alone or with your companions. It’s a multiplayer game where there are from 4-10 players called crewmates and among them there is an Impostor. The Impostor can execute, damage, and do this various things crewmates can’t do.


Extraordinary game!!! Has plainly filled in prominence since lockdown, nearly everybody I know is playing it! The idea is extraordinary and the target generally speaking for both Crewmate and Impostor is entertaining.

Omega Warrior

Among Us is an uncommon game and actually one of the best time encounters, I’ve had in a very long time. Taking into account how long you can get when playing with companions. On the off chance that you need a game, where you can delude your companions and afterward betray them. Among Us is certainly an absolute necessity play.

Cool Chris

The new popular game that has gotten a ton of traffic recently as different decorations/youtubers have beginning playing it. The game has one weak spot however, The game’s workers are ridiculous, and I delighted in a great deal.


This game is freakin awesome. Love the concept and I enjoy figuring out who the imposter is, or killing everyone without them realizing it’s me. It is even better to play on PC than on my phone.

Slow Wmd

I am truly in love with Among US game.. I have been playing it for 5months now. Urrrgh! I can’t stop myself playing.

Queen Ali

I think this is an astounding game. It shows that you need to thoroughly consider a ton to discover who the faker is and dominate the match, in spite of the fact that that isn’t generally the situation, since, supposing that the gets enough slaughters, they can dominate the match. additionally, when the sham kills somebody, it is somewhat entertaining at times as a result of the activity’s or if the faker turns the light off, it restricts the players see and if the fraud kills you, it resembles a little bounce alarm. By and large I’ll give 5.

Jossie B

This game is rapidly getting one of the most famous games available at the present time and that is in light of current circumstances. The idea and game thought itself is the reason individuals appreciate playing to such an extent. The game permits you to attempt to bamboozle and mislead individuals in a manner that is absolutely expectable socially in light of the fact that it’s supportive of sun and games.

Joe Denly

Fantastic!!! This game it’s truly fun, it’s a game we’re you finished errands, do whatever it takes not to get killed, and dispose of the sham. or on the other hand possibly you’ll be the fraud. there’s no butchery and it’s all straightforward kid’s shows.

Joe Black

I recently discovered playing Among Us on my laptop was easier than playing on mobile because it was easier for me to track all that’s happening especially if you are the impostor. HAHA!

Baby Mobie

Among Us is my go to game at the moment. What I like most is that you can easily find other players online to play with you. The best for me though is to play with friends and family.

Rose Ann Meeker

I love the graphics of these among us wallpapers! The game elements were put together very well.