【图】Save Text to PDF, WORD, EXCEL or Send EMAIL下载
【图】Save Text to PDF, WORD, EXCEL or Send EMAIL
【图】Save Text to PDF, WORD, EXCEL or Send EMAIL

Save Text to PDF, WORD, EXCEL or Send EMAIL

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Save Text to PDF, WORD, EXCEL or Send EMAIL 详情

Select and save allows you to save content in the different format by just tapping a single click. We offer you to save content in the form of PDF, WORD, EXCEL or even you can email to anyone by using our editor tool. You have to just select content and its converts into PDF, WORD, EXCEL.

No more copy pasting or remembering keywords and website link to search the website later. Even not required any technical skill to convert your data into different formats.

With select and save you can save your content by single tap using our browser extensions for Chrome.

For example when you reading any blog or any tutorial on the internet and most of the time you need to save that content for your future use then you need different tools for saving you data or you bookmark that link but when you came back to link you got an message “OOPS! WEBSITE NOT EXIST”. Now what to do!!!

Lets solve this problem and we built an awesome plugin for you to save your time and minimize your efforts by just tap on chrome extension, start selecting your content & finally your content is in your downloads folder or you can email it to any email address.

Now it is super easy to save your content!!!

1. You can select and save whatever you want to save from web.
2. You data will be saved in the form of PDF, WORD, EXCEL
3. You can email directly without opening any email account.

You will never miss your favourite content with Select and Save. Get started by downloading the browser extensions now.

We are also constantly working to make the service better everyday. We would love to hear your feedback & suggestions to make Select and Save better. You can get in touch even faster on Facebook @select2save

Select and Save is easy Content Downloading. Enjoy the Content
Happy Saving! 🙂

Save Text to PDF, WORD, EXCEL or Send EMAIL 中文




例如,当你阅读任何博客或任何教程在互联网上,大多数时候,你需要保存的内容为您未来的使用,那么你需要不同的工具来保存你的数据,或者你的书签链接,但当你回来链接你得到一条消息 “OOPS!网站不存在 “。现在怎么办!





我们每天都在不断地努力使服务变得更好。我们很乐意听到您的反馈和建议,以使选择和保存更好。您可以在Facebook @ select2save上更快地联系


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Plucker is a targeted screen-scraping utility for Chrome browsers. It requires no setup whatsoever and is used for pluc


Akshay Rathore

I loved it. What a application just select data on the web it will automatically get saved to you as PDF.

Kushal Jain

Solve my problem


not working no have manual

Kushal Jain

What problem you are getting ? Can you describe it more

Select and Save

You can watch this video to learn how to use our plugin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hfbb7PnOwg&t=30s Thanks

Sjoerd Commandeur

Bepaalde tekens worden niet goed geconverteerd, en worden als rare tekens weergegeven. Bij gebrek aan beter een prima oplossing.

Select and Save

We are constantly working hard to resolve this issue. Hopefully it will be resolve in next update. Stay tuned to our fb page for more update facebook.com/select2save

Shubham Prajapati

Really helpful for content writers and bloggers.

Bulet Prodhan

didn’t work at all

Select and Save

Hi Bulet, Can you tell us what are the problem you are facing ? Till Now you can watch our video on youtube here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hfbb7PnOwg&t=30s

Niharika Mangavalli

facing difficulty in using it. I go to a page and tap the extension and when i click on any of the four icons, nothing shows up.

Select and Save

Hi Niharika, I can help you out, while you choose any icon then select anything from the webpage, it will automatically create whatever you choose. Still If your are facing an issue while using it, you can watch our video on youtube. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hfbb7PnOwg&t=30s

Freja S Barfod

Didn’t work. Not user friendly.

Select and Save

Hi Freja Can you tell us, what kind of problem you are facing ? Till Now you can watch our video on youtube here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hfbb7PnOwg&t=30s

Shelly Fleishaker

Works good with english, however doent work with Hebrew for example

Select and Save

Thanks for your review. We will look for Hebrew and other languages also. New products will launch soon!

Roberto Salles


Dinesh Pathak

This tool is very helpful in getting online content what i want only not whole content. cant’t able to find whether tool is activated or not while content selection, make border what i am selecting.

Vikas Dixit

Works good please more enhancement in this tool. Selection area should be look like selected for this tool.

Jack Z

Puts a big watermark of their icon on every page you save as PDF. Even adds blank pages with watermark on some.


Frankly quite useless. Only supports latin letters, and unable both to keep layout and transfer entire sites.

PJ Chen


Select and Save


Select and Save

Hey Ole, Currently we are only supporting only English not any other. Please tell us where you facing problem while transfer whole site.

Select and Save

It been now free i.e. big watermark is there. Soon you will get an option to remove it. Thanks

Scott Sanbeg

No instructions. UI is poorly designed. Tried multiple times to save to an Excel format from online PDF.

Select and Save

Youtube Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hfbb7PnOwg&t=9s

Select and Save

Hi Scott, We understand your problem and we are happy to share the url of our youtube video which is quite clear for showing how you can use our product. If still you are facing issue. Please let us know. We are happy to listen you!!! To download excel you can just click on the icon from browser, as soon as you click plugin activated and you see dark screen with some text on the webpage. At this time you have to click and start selecting text which you want to save. That’s it!! And you excel file will be saved in a minute!!! Thanks SelectandSave Team


When saving to Word, I received a completely different text from another site that I had never visited. I have tried twice, on different sites and pages, the result is the same. Every time I receive the same text: something about chromosomal replication/

Alcides Lemos

Altero meu mecanismo de busca de uma hora para outra, não instalem.

OSBT Resource

The extension has recently been updated to install “initdex” google search web hijacker.


can only confirm it! shame!

bestami KTEM

bu uzantı initdex.com üzerinden arama yaptırıyor. kullanmayın

Select and Save

We apologizes for the inconvenience, we release our new update. So it will not create issue!! Please update rating. ThankYou!!!

Select and Save

Hi, I think some other plugin will creating issue. We suggest to disable all other plugins and then try to use our plugin. It will not create issue. ThankYou!!!

Technical Studio

Really good option to create documents. I would suggest to make more upgrade like to save online and access via apps.

Richard Hoefer

Ahh, thank you for confirming! I had all sorts of weird browser behaviors and then the hijacking of search to initdex.com. An article on malwarefixes.com said “there are two browser extensions that victim’s claims to be relevant to this hijacker and these are TextToPDF and ConvertPDF.” Searching thru my extensions I did not find either, but when I searched for PDF, I had THIS extension installed. So it is helpful to know others have this initdex hijacker from this extension. It should be run out of town and this dev kicked off of Chrome developers list.

Richard Hoefer

Feb 7 2019 — APOLOGIES to Dev. I was mistaken. The problems I was experiencing yesterday were due to the youtube related extension “Magic Actions” which injects malware. It took this long to track down.

Richard Hoefer

MARCH 11, 2109 — Yesterday I added this extension back to try the “select text on webpage, turn into PDF” . I followed the dev’s primer, watched the video, but unfortunately I could not get it to work. … But what it DID do was reintroduce the very same Browser Hijacker malware i originally wrote in my review a month ago— redirecting all your subsequent “google” searches to initdex.com . I would ask if anyone could corroborate this, could you please reply? Thank you.

Select and Save

Hi Richard, Could you please check again ? We faced some issue at server end, now its fixed.

Antonio Ciudad

No me ha funcionado.

Kushal Jain