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Entanglement is a puzzle game made for you by Gopherwood Studios. Try to make the longest path possible. Rotate and place hexagonal tiles etched with paths to extend your path without running into a wall. This web game includes:

Solitaire – In this single-player mode, you try to beat your own record or compete against others on our daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards.

Multiplayer – Play against up to 5 other people on the same computer in this hot-seat variation. This mode offers a chance to challenge your friends head-to-head: try to grab the longest paths without running into each other or the wall.

Additionally, once you have installed Entanglement, you can play without needing a connection to the Internet. Unplug and enjoy!

Love Entanglement and want more? Try the Expansion Sampler! Explore an engaging new game mode with a wild twist, two stylish maps, and a daily challenge to see who is the best at Entanglement!

Sakura Grove – A completely new game-play mode for Entanglement! You have a spacious garden surrounded by cherry trees, but you have a limited number of tiles to play. Acquire more tiles by directing your path through one of the cherry trees, which blooms every time you pass through it.

Hana Blossom – A new flower-shaped map for Entanglement with the original rules. The map is larger but the petals provide an interesting challenge; it’s easy to get into one, but make sure to plan your way out, or your game will end quickly! This is a wonderful challenge for advanced Entanglement players.

Lotus Petal – A new tiny map for Entanglement also using the original rules. It is a great training ground to practice your ability to string together long paths and plan future moves. You can also play the map quickly enough to have a nice slice of Entanglement fun in the time of a commercial break.

Daily Challenge – A new challenge every day for Entanglement players! All players are given the exact same set of tiles for the entire day, competing on strategy alone for the daily championship!

This expansion is available for Entanglement enthusiasts for $1.99 via Google Checkout or PayPal.

Thanks for playing Entanglement! We’re happy to hear so many people are enjoying it. We’ve seen a few posts about problems people have been having with Entanglement and we’re doing our best to resolve them. If you have a problem please click the ‘App support’ link on the right to view a list of known problems and solutions. Thanks!







This game is super fun. Like, seriously addictive. I had some issues trying to unlock the expansion pack. Now that it's settled, couldn't recommend this more. Very relaxing and challenging.


Thanks for your feedback! We've noted this issue and updated the game to require less. At one point, we had some social elements built into the scoring mechanism (which required the extra permissions) but have since removed that piece. Privacy is important to us, and we're revisiting how our login systems work for future games we develop. 👍


I really liked the game at first and so I purchased it. It was engaging and fun. My problem came when I wanted more puzzles. I went to browse the gallery of maps and found that every one I clicked on is in an expansion pack I have to pay for and login to my google account to get. THEN it lists the permissions this game has... 90% of which, are not needed to play this game. I could have saved my $5 and just played the trial version. My advice.... dont bother paying for it unless you want to pay extra for the other maps and dont mind other people having access to you and your private information on your google account.


Freaking awesome!!!! I'm one of those people who get in the top 5 when I play. But it takes SKILLZ. Well, it takes TIME. I know I'm not the smartest or tech-savvy. . so I always wonder how I get top score in this game. . maybe it's patience? I'm not the most patient person either. . . but something about this game motivates me to be. It's kind of like gambling in a way. One game can last me an hour. You have to really think about each move. And build your "line". at the end you leave yourself several "out" options. Then it's all chance. It's just so satisfying when you get to the end and you have built yourself this huge line (or lines) and you only have a limited number of options. You have invested all of this time. . And there is either this HUGE payout, or huge letdown.


Lots of fun for all ages! Would've given game 5 stars except like most Google games when I got a great score [217] it wanted access to my info. No game's worth that. Instructions don't tell you much about how to get high scores. Hint: it's not just how many blocks you fill in, more important is how many at a time.


Rompicapo in cui si devono posizionare mattonelle ruotate nel modo giusto per creare un percorso che arrivi fino alle mattonelle rosse. Include anche espansioni a pagamento che aggiungono nuove ambientazioni e livelli. Musica molto rilassante, bella grafica. Consigliato!


Simple gameplay, intuitive controls, an addicting and engaging puzzle game despite its lack of complexity. Killer sound track. I definitely want to buy the paid version; the trial level the free version gives you is fun but just not enough.


Enjoyed the game for a couple of years, but all of a sudden, it won't load. Like other reviewers, I just get the nice zen white sand background and nothing else but the barest edge of the game. Too bad.


Fun and creative game. Many puzzles to choose from. I did buy one of the add on packages. Once you start to learn how to play the game you are able to think ahead and setup longer runs. This leads to higher scores. You can plot your progress as everyone's scores are recorded and you can see them for the day or week or lifetime. There must be cheat or some part of the game I have not found yet as some people log scores in the thousands. My high score is 607 and I used just about all the connections I could on the page. Maybe someone will read this and let us in on the secret.


Displays a game but it won't do anything game-like except rotate the tile with the lines on it. How is this supposed to be a game? After about a half-hour of trying to get it to work, I uninstalled it. I'm curious: What is the general rate of non-working Chrome store apps? It appears to be about 30%, though I admit my sample is too small to be truly representative.


I love this game, It's a great relaxer and stress reliever. I liked it so much, I paid the 4.99 one time fee for all the boards. Fair price I think as well!


Tons of fun, and a very clever concept. Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good puzzle game.


I have to be honest, I found the game to be boring in the first 5 minutes. Was not addicting as the other reviews say it is. Don't get me wrong, I like the concept behind the game. It's good for relaxing and such, but it's not my type of game.


From its inception we've all enjoyed playing this game. The single player is fun, but to make it really challenging--and for a lot of laughs--add more players and try to keep one color of thread from knocking another out of the running. See which color can get the highest number before you run out of space. Love it!


Bwaa awesome game! I've been playing it for the last few hours. There's just one thing that bothers me - it's too easy to misclick and end up with either a game over or a move you didn't wanted, and I think the only thing the game needs is an undo button. Otherwise it's brilliant.


The soothing tones of meditation music pairs perfectly with a fascinating puzzle... SO worth downloading!


lots of fun and i have no idea how people get them real high scores. real good time waster if u need one


I could not stop playing this game, it's so addicting! I always wanted to beat my score and this is my favorite game on Google Chrome. It's challenging, which makes it fun, and you should totally get this game!! LOVE IT!!


The interface is touchy - many times the mouse pointer wasn't aligned just right on the "rotate icon" and the tile was selected ending the game - it would be easy to make the design so that the actual tile had to be clicked on rather than anywhere on the board. also some to the tile loops were three layers deep making it impossible to know where the path went. frustrating. it's a great idea, but too many games ended prematurely - strategy gives way to interface.


I am like someone else here and find this game strangely addictive and brilliant and fun and when I get stressed from studying the background music and game play sort me out- tho' I am yet to get past 74!!