Voice Search

Voice Search


Lets get uninterrupted access to websites. It allows you to open blocked sites. 让我们不间断地访问网站。它允许您打开被阻止的站点。

friGate CDN – smooth access to websites
friGate CDN – smooth access to websites

New Tab Page Replacement with 3D Speed Dial and predefined images, sync and organize your bookmarks, groups, and most visited 新的标签页替换为3D快速拨号和预定义的图像,同步和组织您的书签、组和最常访问的

Speed Dial [FVD] – New Tab Page, 3D, Sync…
Speed Dial [FVD] – New Tab Page, 3D, Sync…

Typing with your voice and speech recognition. Simple and functional notepad. 用你的语音和语音识别打字。简单实用的记事本。

VoiceNote II – Speech to text
VoiceNote II – Speech to text

A remarkably customizable personal homepage featuring 50+ widgets, breathtaking backgrounds and much more. 一个非常可定制的个人主页,有50多个小部件,惊人的背景等等。

iChrome-Ultimate Personal Dashboard Homepage
iChrome-Ultimate Personal Dashboard Homepage

An extension that lets you start a Google Voice Search in any website 一个扩展,允许您在任何网站上启动谷歌语音搜索

GooNow – Voice Search
GooNow – Voice Search

Select an address, right click and search it on Google Maps directly 选择一个地址,右键单击并直接在谷歌地图上搜索

Google Maps select and search
Google Maps select and search

Convert your speech to text. 把你的演讲转换成文字。

Simple Dictation
Simple Dictation

Control your browser just by talking to it. 通过与浏览器对话来控制浏览器。

Voice Actions for Chrome (beta)
Voice Actions for Chrome (beta)


олег хлутков

нормальный язык не понимает, только вражеские

Ryan The Animator

Google voice search is not working on chromium edge but this extension solved the whole problem.

Carbon Copy

Totally WORTHLESS! Spamming me with requirements to install an app on my phone IS JUST WRONG! Reported on Google. Does not work at all. So this maybe because I did not allow you to Spam my phone?

Carl Phoenix

not working

Красная зорька

непонятное приложение

David Hudson

Great APP Not ! useless dont do anything on Google Chrome. Why are some programmers useless but I bet they get paid a lot money for not testing apps properly.

Mingchen Han


Chagai Friedlander

couldn’t get it to work, please help.

barrie Barlow

i love it great stuff thxs

L Pel

grosse arnaque au faux commentaire 5 étoile

Quentin Pritchard


Tor Swenson

Doesn’t work!!!!

Steve Janke

Do not use unless you want to be tracked by facebook. This extension sends a tracking request to facebook.com for every website you visit. I noticed this when I was working on my own web app. It seems like it doesn’t work anymore anyway.

Walter R. Stanczak, Jr.

This app was working well for a long time. When it stopped working, I was met with instructions similar to the following: (1) Find and Install ‘Celebrity Voice Changer’ on your phone or tablet; (2) Rate 5 stars on App Store or Google Play. I didn’t have any plans to install that app, and so I had to remove the extension from my browser.


THIS WOULD BE AMAZING IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!!! however it doesn’t. I STRONGLY suggest you don’t download

Mark Gardner

Makes you install and rate one of there other apps 5 stars before using properly. App does nothing when clicked USLESS !! just stick with chromes built in voice


It worked well. now it doesnt work work anymore. Ive tried many different times and ways to the point where i had to move on without it. i used it several times over a few months and it never not even once mistook my voice for wrong word. I was impressed. I couldnt figure out how to personalize the search engines though I am not a programmer and I dont care to the person who says ” duh, but its so easy my autistic nephew can do it.”. I liked the app, But as with anything, its worthless unless it works correctly

Lucian Andries

Please make it work on YouTube!! By that, I mean I want Dictation on YouTube. Actually I want Dictation for Every site. 🙁 It does work on other sites, though. But there are times when it just won’t pick up any sounds at all… :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( And recently it’s all the time, it’s not working at all anymore…….. :(((((((((((((( Google’s own voice search works, so it’s not the mic. What’s up with that? 🙁 And yes, I gave it access to use the mic. When I click on it, it shows me the black dots, not the black mic, so it should be working… 😐 Please make Dictation work on YouTube, etc, and FIX the extension already!!! Until then, 1 star. :(( Thank you!

Alisson C. Barreto

Funcionando no UC Browser!

sree murali


Mohammed Abu Serrieh

Great app, does the intended job perfectly.. I even wrote this review through it using my voice 🙂

A. Donald

I was really annoyed to be expected to download another, totally useless to me app and give a five star rating before I could even use this app. There’s no way I’m doing that.

S.M. Rahman




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