Latest version of the General Audit Tool for Google Apps. Audit, view and protect your data in all areas. Insight into collaboration and enforced protection right out to the end user tab on Chrome.


The only complete audit and protection tool for G Suite, it covers Drive, Email, Groups, Users, Sites, Calendars, Apps, Extensions, Google+, Printers, Devices, Chrome, Chrome Extensions, Claooms and Collaboration. 15 Day Full Feature free trial.

It’s 360 Auditing (©) gives you more oversight and protection than any other audit or security tool. GAT was the first audit and protection tool in the Google apps marketplace and it remains the premier tool for these needs.

Provides real-time search of Drive and Emails.

Provides silent access to all Docs and Emails (via ‘Unlock’).

Provides Folder maps for Drive and Email, Drive file tree maps, Drive external sharing maps, External Email flow maps and (with Let’s Collaborate extension) collaboration maps.

Provides real-time blocking and reporting of actions like bank, credit card or SSN, etc. disclosure (via GAT Shield). The only tool to report every single minute of every single user activity (via GAT Shield and requires Google Chrome Manager).

With the Shield extension you can see every site your users visit and how long they spend there. You can control chrome login time windows and have idle-time automatic log-out.

Powerful compliance test on Docs and Emails in folders
Third party Apps audited and controlled
Logins and Google+ Audited

Up to 90% of documents still leave or enter in emails. Using GAT+ you can run a simultaneous audit on every email box and every Google Drive.
Best security practice means we never retrieve email or file contents, so your corporate data will always remain secure

With ‘Unlock’ you can revoke sharing rights, change owners on folder trees and download entire folders for off-line inspection.

Managers can now have audit authority delegated to them by Super Admins

You can measure collaboration and understand user behaviour

For Email you will be able to search on details like from, to, time, cc, bcc, subject and most importantly ‘attachments’. Complex multi-part searches can be built

In addition you can see extra details like
Who sent what document and to whom and when
Top sender of email to domain
Top source of files out of your domain
Top sender of internal email
Key relationships

To install click ‘Add it now’. If you have GAT installed, log out of GAT before you upgrade to GAT+

Reports are Deep, Clear, and Accurate

Scheduled reports run in the background

‘General Audit Tool is must-have extension for anyone who manages Google Apps. ‘ – Jack Wallen, Tech Republic.


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i hate this


Great system for monitoring and managing your G Suite environment. Great tool for locating and correcting external shares. Really good for detailed Chrome user reporting. The ability to set firewall type rules in a centralized fashion for any chrome browser is very useful. Support has been very good as well.


User interface Simpel, dan mudah dalam pengoperasian, Sangat membatu Terimakasih 🙂


Great bit of kit for GSuite Administrators. It will definitely save you time with onboarding/offboarding and optimising your system. Works a charm and is easy to use and well laid out. Good support too.


Just starting to use GAT+ and so far so good but I have to say level of support excellent with excellent online support material


The amount of information available in this tool is unbelievable! I'm very glad that I found this and it is helping immensely as we prepare for our migration to OneDrive. I only wish I had found it sooner, as it provides the means necessary to audit and secure your G Suite Environment. Great job GAT Labs!


Amazing solution! Very easy to use. It is helping us to go through our annual security and compliance reviews.


GAT provides additional insight and control into my domain that I otherwise would not have. The onboarding support was amazing. They spent time to go over all of the features and answered all of my questions. This is a reputable company with a very useful product. GAT's pricing for the education sector is very fair.


Very powerful and wide ranging software carefully crafted to manage the Gsuite envoronment. GAT+ has significantly improved our ability to manage our domain; users, claooms, drive and meet; we now feel in control. Truly excellent customer service and support - well beyond expectations. A full commendation.


GAT Labs has helped our organization's systemization go to the next level. With their powerful tool equipped with a talented team, they can help any enterprise go beyond their limits. Having this tool enables you to work on bigger steps and not worry about your data in any sort. GAT Labs technically does the auditing job for you with the astonishing features. GAT Labs always makes sure that their clients are well taken care of. They have an incredible support team that is extraordinarily responsive. Not only they configure problems real fast, but they also receive recommendations and suggestions very well, and they do not mind adding more to the tool according to their clients' needs. I applaud this tool's consistency and efficiency. You will go far, GAT Labs!


Great app, easy to use and gets the job done seamlessly.


Easy to you and very intuitive. It's a lifesaver and a must have for G Suite.


A fantastic tool that give IT professionals who are used to Domain Admin access insight into their G Suite organization. We purchased for a very specific task, which GAT+ demoed was possible. However, all of the features/workflows can drastically improve IT ops. One important thing to call out is the customer service. I have had 3 separate demos with GAT+ and was able to schedule to next day when I had questions. They were incredibly helpful, pleasant and followed up promptly. Very happy with this tool, would recommend for anyone trying to clean up the state of their organizations Google Drive (Team Drives is still in the works)


Hi Chris, Most Admins find the tool quite intuitive. It is however a very large tool with dozens of reports and features. I notice you were offered a free walk through with a support engineer. This is really to be recommended as both removing external users and running a fresh audit can be achieved with a couple of clicks.


Confusing interface. Unclear how to remove external users or run another audit.