Flowdock is your team’s chat with a shared inbox. Teams using Flowdock stay up-to-date, react in seconds instead of days, and never forget anything.

Flowdock makes your team’s work visible by combining activity from your project management tools (Rally, Trello, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker), version control systems (GitHub, BitBucket, Kiln), customer feedback channels (Twitter, Zendesk, email lists) and many other sources into an activity stream that’s visible right next to your chat. Use activities as context for your discussions and work on issues together.

When there’s something worth remembering, #tag it in Flowdock! You’ll easily find those memos, code snippets and contacts later on. Get a list of #bugs, #todos, #competitors dynamically, directly from your conversations.

Stay connected with your team when on the move with Flowdock’s iOS and Android apps.

Comparable to: Skype chat, IRC, HipChat, Campfire, Slack, Hall.com, IM, Yammer, email lists & more.


Unofficial WhatsApp for Chrome UPDAT..
Unofficial WhatsApp for Chrome UPDATE: WhatsApp now has an official Windows and Mac app. Check https://www.whatsapp.com/ With WhatsChrome you get the following features: ★ Desktop ..
Use messengers like WhatsApp, Telegr..
Use messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Skype and many more in one Extension! All-in-One Messenger is a wrapper for WhatsApp Web and other worldwide messengers. It allow..
This handy tool allows you to easily open multiple social networks, your Facebook Messenger. Create and Post a Drive share link.
This app allows you to create share link for your Google Drive files. You can easily share them or use them as contents on Facebook or multiple social networks. It is the easiest w..
An IRC client for Chrome
CIRC is an IRC client in the form of a packaged Chrome app. It uses chrome APIs to implement features not found in other web IRC clients: * Connect directly to any IRC serverno pro..
请参阅如何使用 WhatsApp Web 浏览器上
有关教程,说明如何使用 WhatsApp Web 应用程序。从现在起您可以与您的 web 浏览器访问 WhatsApp。你可以选择来聊聊天,发送语音邮件、 附加照片从无任何插件你 WhatsApp 帐户发送与每个人的贴纸。 WhatsApp Web 版本是交流的一种新方式。 为 Web WhatsApp 是一个敏感的网站,你可以在每个设备上打开。它是一个清洁..
Free video chat with random strangers. Video calls and group chat rooms.
FlirtyMania is a cross-platform free video chat with millions of active users in thousands of live chat rooms. Chat now with millions of people nearby or around the world. Features..
A new searchable emoji keyboard with simple click-to-copy functionality. Copy and Pasting emoji is now a single click away.
This is a beta-test version of the new EmojiCopy Chrome appWe hope you enjoy it! Version 1.0, September 6, 2016 * Official launch version of EmojiCopy * Input bar moved to the top ..
Chatroulette Alternative application, wich focuses on socializing with random strangers via webcam.
With the success of ChatRoulette, there has been increasing number of new alternative ChatRoulette websites that are being launched. The anonymous videochat has had immense success..
Connect to IRC using Byrd IRC
Byrd IRC client is an app for the Google Chrome browser that allows users to interface with multiple IRC network through a simple point-and-click interface. The goal of this projec..
Easily arrange video or audio calls with your Google or Facebook friends.
SUPPORTS CHROMEBOOKS! Features: ★ Chat with your Google contacts and Facebook friends. ★ Direct audio and video calls with other Videolink2me users. ★ Screen sharing (free for more..
允许管理员用户捕获其桌面以用于视频应用程序 <!-netweave..
允许管理员用户捕获其桌面以用于视频应用程序 <!-netweaversoftware,ffbeckfikefjkogedigdiojipkjfflaj,lawnch-desktop-capture->
粉丝Daddy Yankee为您提供了一个高质量的主题,我们将定期更新这个伟大的扩展与新的背景。一个巨大的选择可用的壁纸将使你与它的多样性。 这是网上冲浪过程的首选游戏。壁纸高..
粉丝Daddy Yankee为您提供了一个高质量的主题,我们将定期更新这个伟大的扩展与新的背景。一个巨大的选择可用的壁纸将使你与它的多样性。 这是网上冲浪过程的首选游戏。壁纸高清是与浏览器玩得开心的关键! 这就是为什么我们创建了我们的爸爸洋基壁纸系列,因为你喜欢它!扩展还会更改默认搜索。您可以根据浏览器设置更改默认搜索。您的浏览器将以新鲜的颜色与爸爸洋基新标..
With Zephyr Exploratory Testing, eve..
With Zephyr Exploratory Testing, everyone can become a champion at achieving high quality. Capture the test scenario, create defect, attach to execution and engage with the team wi..
# Installation Grab a website's traf..
# Installation Grab a website's traffic from Statshow.com, Serpstat.com and SimilarWeb.com Click the Icon, or use ControlP when you are on the website you want to check the traffic..
Esta es una pequeña aplicacion, que ..
Esta es una pequeña aplicacion, que se encarga de cambiar ligeramente la apariencia de la pagina de YouNow
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Watch your favorite Tv online streaming with Livesearch.tv. Live always update with exclusive search engine. Try Now! Search yout Live in over 1000 tvs online!.
我们很高兴向您展示我们新的和惊人的延伸。绝对免费和很酷的龙珠z悟空壁纸高清主题应用程序将喜悦每个人。很酷的功能和令人敬畏的高清背景将使您的浏览像以前一样舒适。我们的目标是创建这个龙珠z Goku壁纸高清主题扩展专门为粉丝,而不仅仅是为他们。 我们在新的应用程序中为您提供什么? 有用的搜索栏,日期和当地时间无论你在哪里,访问最多的和最喜欢的网站列表,当然还有心..
The Darwin Project Full HD Wallpaper..
The Darwin Project Full HD Wallpapers & Chrome New Tab free install. Another new entry into the popular battle royale genre, The Darwin Project will launch first for Xbox but a..
The classic cardgame Crazy EightsPla..
The classic cardgame Crazy EightsPlay against 1-3 computer players, who can lose all their cards first? Play the classic card game Crazy Eights online against one, two or three com..
MANAJEMEN AKUN adalah sebuah softwar..
MANAJEMEN AKUN adalah sebuah software untuk memanajemen banyak akun dalam 1 profil chromeMANAJEMEN AKUN mendukung banyak… MANAJEMEN AKUN adalah sebuah software untuk memanajemen ba..