A lovely paisley pattern in autumn or fall colors, 70s or harvest tones, with a beautifully muted frame. Perfect for all seasons. 一个可爱的佩斯利图案在秋天或秋天的颜色,70或收获色调,与一个美丽的静音框架。四季皆宜。


A vibrant and beautiful flower garden for your browser. This colorful wallpaper is filled with hundreds of bright flowers, all… 一个充满活力和美丽的花园为您的浏览器。这张彩色的墙纸上满是几百朵鲜艳的花,都是…

Flower Power
Flower Power

Red and tan-cream-honey colored paper cranes on a black background. More colors and sizes available. As always, don't forget you… 黑色背景上的红色和棕褐色奶油蜜色纸鹤。更多颜色和尺寸可供选择。一如既往,不要忘记你…

Honey & Red Paper Cranes
Honey & Red Paper Cranes

A fresh and beautiful theme that captures bright white and pink flowers in a natural background. The toolbar features a lighter… 一个清新美丽的主题,捕捉明亮的白色和粉红色的自然背景下的花朵。工具栏有一个打火机…

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers

A simple and delicate white-gray paisley theme perfect for winter or any season. This original paisley was created entirely by… 一个简单和微妙的白灰色佩斯利主题完美的冬季或任何季节。最初的佩斯利完全是由…


A beautifully colored kaleidoscope of hummingbirds just in time for spring. Featuring emerald greens, royal blues, as well and… 一个美丽的彩色万花筒蜂鸟正好赶上春天。有翡翠绿,皇家蓝,以及…


A lighter, brighter version of my Flower Power theme. A vibrant and beautiful flower garden for your browser. This colorful… 一个更轻,更明亮的版本,我的花卉力量的主题。一个充满活力和美丽的花园为您的浏览器。这五颜六色…

Flower Power II
Flower Power II

Layers of delicate pink flowers surround a mosaic-style hummingbird. Light and feminine, this wallpaper will add a touch of spring… 层层精致的粉红色花朵环绕着马赛克风格的蜂鸟。轻盈柔美,这款壁纸将增添一丝春天的气息…

Floral Hummingbird
Floral Hummingbird


Aryan Syam Manohar

utter nonsense

Luke Nielsen

I’ve had this background for a long time and I love it.

monika kedzior



It looks fantasic



Greta Woolloff

its awesome because i love sunglasses!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

LukePC Guest

the only bad thing about it is how amazing it is!

Jose Manuel Patron

great!!! 😉

・ Melissa Born ・

Simples, bonito, e não polui muito o Chrome. É muito bonito mesmo, eu amei :]

Valee .Nizz

esta buenísima pero se me desintaló y ya no la puedo poner de nuevo… ayuda porfa

Gustavo Astrada


Dana LovesMiamiHeatSwaggerWilder

loved it

Dante Williams

I wish it was a muted color in the background and not gray, but I love these tapes, very nice:)

nicole tapia

me en canta :3

Imogen Schwarz

I absolutely love this theme but i changed it, and now i want it back but it says it is added to chrome!! HELP! I really love this theme and i cant get it back.

Mateusz Rostkowski

Niby ok, ale kasety powinny być powielone tak, żeby nie przycinało ostatniej kolumny. 4/5. Piękne kolory

Ellen McGrody

This theme is so amazing. It works nicely on all display sizes, has a really solid design and is fukken PRETTY. More people should download it because it’s colorful and great.



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