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Think of it as a GPS, but instead of giving driving directions, our product guides users every step of the way to successfully complete their online tasks

This extension is used to implement content across websites and applications where the snippet cannot be implemented in the web pages source code. Information Technologies teams (IT) automatically and frequently install this extension to keep things running smoothly and allow our customers to empower all their employees across the organization with digital adoption solutions.

Content creation and management requires the utilization of the Editor, which is available for download here – https://www.walkme.com/download/

For more information, visit our website – www.walkme.com

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Takes up screen space all of the time and has not been useful. A large portion of the positive reviews are from WalkMe company insiders so even the three stars it has right now is inflated.


Why can't I remove this software from my personal computer?


This is a spam with following permissions, and I'm now able to disable it! Permissions: Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit


This was a horrible extension I can't install anything I can't play anything my life got so boring it gave me a computer VIRUS and and to top it all off I can't even do anything about it. I hit the reset button doesn't work. I hit the options button can't remove it. this is horrible and I don't recommend it for anyone! they scammed me


Slows down the System


Constantly gets in the way and there's no way to disable it because it's force-installed by my company. Provides no useful information and can access ANY data on ANY website (think: Banks, social media, email, etc) - who knows what they do with it.


Why won't the "Remove from Chrome" button work??? I don't want this on my browser, yet it won't go away!!!


Slows down everything, does nothing, and cannot uninstall.


Performance Destroyer - I have all other extensions disabled in my browser except this one which is forced by my organization. Google searches and random page loads can take up to five minutes. Open an incognito window in the same browser, exact same pages load perfect every time. Dev tools console showing that the back-end JS execution of the plugin is taking 5+ minutes.


It changed the way I interact with technology! I'm not sure how I or anyone else in my company would use SalesForce without it.


My company updated my device with this extension and now I am able to use the WalkMe Action Bot to get tasks completed faster and that has been a life saver.


A great tool to quickly learn and leverage all the platforms I'm using in my job. Really happy my company is using them!


My company's IT department deployed the WalkMe extension a few weeks back and it is working perfectly by showing me WalkMe content.


Super helpful with productivity and automation of my day to day tasks!


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Please let us hide it, an annoying distraction of screen real estate 99.99% of the time in my experience.


Chrome says this was installed by my administrator and I have no idea what it is or what it is does and I can't remove it. I guess it is time to switch browsers.




This extension appeared randomly in Chrome. I did not install it. Now, I cannot remove it. Unlike other extensions, there is no option to disable the extension and clicking on the "remove" button does nothing.


Game changer, IF I can change the fields I need. Same question as others, why are some fields editable but some are not?