uBlock Origin Extra

uBlock Origin Extra


Ghostery 是强大的隐私保护扩展程序。拦截广告,停止跟踪器,提高网站速度。

Ghostery – 隐私广告拦截工具
Ghostery – 隐私广告拦截工具

加密网络浏览,自动使用 HTTPS 连接访问站点,更加安全。

HTTPS Everywhere
HTTPS Everywhere


The Great Suspender
The Great Suspender





chrome extension named image picker version chrome扩展名为图像选取器版本


Neat hovercards for GitHub. GitHub的整洁的悬停卡。

GitHub Hovercard
GitHub Hovercard

A chrome extension to disable JavaScript with one click. 一个chrome扩展,可以通过单击禁用JavaScript。




Works great with blocking ads on gmail that gets pass the normal ad-block.

Bill A

For those who are complaining that this Extra app is not blocking all anti-adblocker messages… The Extra app tries to block those messages, but some sites use really clever ways to detect adblockers, which are nearly impossible to block. You would see those anti-adblocker messages even more if you weren’t running the Extra app, so let’s be thankful for the efforts of the author, after all it’s a free. 😉

Camilo Castelo

The icon of uBlock Origin (the original, not the extra) has disappeared. I choose to hide the icon of Extra in Chrome menu and it worked well. The origin was showing and the extra was hidden. After a couple of hours, the extra was showing and the origin had disappeared (not hidden). I go to “Manage extensions” and the uB-origin was not simply “disabled”. It had a “Reload” button beside. As this had never happened to me before, I’m unnistalling this “extra” thing.

Milagros Muller

funciona bien para bloquear publicidad

Oliver Kiss

An absolute must-have plugin for any browser with all the junk on the internet these days.

Rocío Inés

Leo opiniones contrarias, para los sitios a los que yo entro, ver series sobre todo me funciona de diez, es una gran ayuda

Silvio Pereira

Não tem opções como o origin, bloqueia muitos que não precisa; Portanto não mereçe o nome e tão pouco o extra precisa melhorar.

Belen Nowaskoski

funciona bien

Terry Saunders

I use both uBlock origin and it’s companion (uBlock Origin Extra), alongside adbock plus and script safe, and the uBlock origin extra does not block adblocking detectors. I have been to several sites that show a blocking window across the web page that shows a huge red hexagon with the words ‘Adblock’ and a diagonal line across it with “I know ads are annoying but unless we charge you to view this site, ads are the only revenue that keeps this site running, so, to continue viewing this site please disable your ad blocker”, and there’s a link for instructions on how to disable adblock plus and many other ad blockers, which does go to show that uBlock origins extra does not work at bypassing adblock detectors,

Sidul Islam Badhan

Lovely, A good assistant of Ublock Origin. They are also look like mortal combat team.

Alma Negra

no acibaraba en las paginas regulares

red fury91

it doesnt do anything

n Telles

I’m having the same problem

David K

The most recent version, it seems, completely blocks all IMAGES on MSN.com… and all the images from any article that is clicked on. And so on and so forth. And turning it off for that site brings all the ads back.

Bill A

I just tried it today on https://www.dallasnews.com/news and it blocks ALL ads without complaining to disable UBO or UBOE. Note that I have both extensions running at the same time on Chrome v67.0.3396.99 (64-bit) Yes, I use an older version of Chrome cuz I hate the new one with the square tabs and disgusting bookmarks. 😉

Dirk Mertens

Endlich wird einem auf wetteronline.de keine 3rd Party Werbung mehr untergeschoben. Super!

Nun Ya

On Reddit, if my cursor went over a link it would freeze/slow my cursor down.

Markos Huayta

Hasta el momento funciona increiblemente bien. Muy recomendado

Bill A

I second that, and couldn’t imagine browsing without it. Huge props to the devs!


funciona bien

Ari Cohn

Still can’t evade the mechanism that the Dallas Morning News uses to stop blocker users.

Hunter Purvis

I agree with you

Pedro Almada

Funciona Bien Piola

That Box

Mandatory, particularly on gamepedia.

Merch Para

Absolutely indispensable, must have unless you like getting pestered every few minutes by endless nonsensical ads

Chillout Touch

uBlock Origin is the best browser blocker ever made… In my opinion the only one add-on in the Chrome Web Store that deserves the hassle. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX………………………………….

Arif Budiman

Sangat direkomendasikan untuk pengguna uBlock Origin

Oscar TheGrouch

It’s a shame we have to use this to protect ourselves like this but in the battle against raging spamfests and infected flash ads, Raymond Hill should be heralded as an angel of freedom. Ublock Origin is the most seemless undemanding and efficient blocker I’ve ever used.(and I used host files in the late 80’s) This addon for it works like an anti-missile missile, undoing the insidious adblocker blockers now found on most media sites.. Highly recommended

Alex Morgan

Please add a way to block ads on kissanime.ru <3



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