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Capital One Shopping插件简介

A simple and free way to help you save online

Here’s how it works:

💸 Available coupons are instantly applied to your cart at checkout.

🔎Capital One Shopping searches for a better price while you shop at Target, Best Buy and more. You’ll see a friendly little pop-up if a better offer is found, including tax and shipping details.

🤝Earn Capital One Shopping Rewards while you shop, then redeem those Shopping Rewards for gift cards. Cha-ching!

Forget multiple tabs and browser windows, and stop spending time looking for deals online. Let Capital One Shopping do it for you.

It’s kinda genius.

Capital One Shopping is 100% free to use and dedicated to watching out for you and your money. In the last year alone, we’ve saved users over $160 million (!!!). Time to cash in.

Don’t buy without Capital One Shopping. Add the Capital One Shopping button to your browser today and stop overpaying online.

By installing, you agree to our terms of service at https://capitaloneshopping.com/our-terms/terms-of-service.

Some services may not be available outside the United States.


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It finds me coupon codes when I least expect it! I love it!


App I was eligible for discount, but discounts didn't post. Had to reach out to support, after return period ended (because thats how long it takes for discounts to post) to find out it supposedly didn't qualify.


Nothing discounted even though it showed it was checking 10 different discount codes. I still paid full price plus tax. Shipping was free, that was a given, but no discount off the price even though it said I saved $50. I don't think this works at all.




so far so good


I love this website, it really saves me some money.


Awesome extension! Already saved me a lot!


Super easy to use. Awesome savings!




For some reason is not working in the UPS website anymore, is not showing the codes, but if I search it says there are codes available


Seems to work pretty well! I don't use any other competing services, but I was able to save a bunch of money the first time I used it to buy some towels, so that's pretty cool! Now I usually use it to find deals on video game stuff!


This an awesome app. I get rebates with any credit card that is in my name. so far I have received almost $500 in reward cards. This is simple to use and very rewarding. No gimmicks here.


I was a bit skeptical but it really has saved me a bunch, especially on eBay purchases, thanks CO!


Couldn't have come up with a better idea!! Kudos to whomever thought of this!!!


I loved it because it got me $10.00 off my order. That doesn't wipe out the $30.00 shipping charge, but it certainly helps.


I'm so happy I tried this extension out It's way better than Rakuten Befrugal!


i love this


Does not work from the beginning. SSO does not work.


It kept losing my login information. There's only so many times in my life I'm willing to reset my password, so I've switched to Rakuten. So far, so good.


By far the best and most useful Chrome extension I have found. Highly recommend!!


I have not had a single benefit from this yet while shopping on Amazon - if anything, it has been a time sink. It sometimes finds a better deal, but when I click through the website, it actually costs more on the other site, and the "better deal" comes in the form "+ $19.59 Est. back in Capital One Shopping Rewards" or something like that. That extra ~$20 back sounds nice, but actually it's just a gift card to some select stores, and I don't like having to track what gift cards I have available. Not worth my time. If this extension even just a couple times shows me a better deal that I can get immediately without having to get some "points" that I spend later/or wait a week or more, I would appreciate this and change my rating.


If you don't have it, I suggest you install it immediately! I get great discounts all the time; I recently received a $115.49 discount on a ring. I'm grateful.


Awesome saved an extra $17 after FJB screwed up the economy we need all the help we can get.


This is the best ever!!


Where have you been all my life?! This program is amazing! I've saved so much money without even trying. Best thing ever!!


You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for finding me the coupon codes and the awesome savings, such a caring way to do business. Thank you!


I added the extension to Chrome. It runs in the background. It has worked well for me. If I use Amazon, it will look to see if there are other options for buying the exact same item. I have taken advantage of the redirection it suggests and have saved a lot of money. If I'm purchasing online, it will pull up discount codes and apply them. The great thing is that I don't have to use the Capital One credit card. I see that some people have said it hasn't worked for them. I can just tell you my experience. It's great and I've saved a lot of money as a result.


I love the concept, but it has one bug that is costing me more than it's saving. I order food from grub hub very often. For some reason, the app overrides the free delivery and adds back in the fees. ie, this morning I ordered my breakfast and It had the total with free delivery. Then I get an alert from the extension that say's you saved $6.99 on this order. Whether i simply close the notice, or click apply savings once I finalize my order, the $6.99 is added back in. I didn't catch it for maybe the first 5-6 times. Now I keep the extension off unless i'm shopping. I think I'll just delete it as I've lost $40.00 and only truly saved maybe 10 bucks using it.


This app is easy to use. I appreciate any app that can save me money.


Really loving the discounts that this app is finding for us!


I wasnt sure how this to use this first so tried going direct to the capital one shopiing site and searched from there. I have not gotten it to work with just going to Amazon and seeing if it finds different prices but will update if I get it to work. Just bought a fridge water filter for half the price though!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe I didn't sign up sooner. I've had some substantial savings. This is the best ever. It sure beats searching for codes only to find they don't work.


i like that it automatically looks for the best discount every time I shop online


I love this extension to my chrome! Every time I shop, Capital One Shopping appears and almost always has a code that gives me discount!


I love it. I have saved so much even on the little purchases. Most times its better than Honey


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Outstanding - I just purchased a bracelet for my sister -it was 20.00 and CapitalOne had a $15 coupon, so it came to $5.33 with the tax - unbelievable - and I was able to afford to buy my sister another birthday present - you accumulate reward points that can be redeemed - this is absolutely the greatest of all the discount extensions!


Fantastic! Got an extra 20% off I would not have known about. Thanks!!


Makes it so easy to save $!


One of the most functional, easy and effective additions to ecommerce shopping. It constantly saves me $ on my cart.


I can't get it to login with Capital One App


This app is really saves me money. It automatically kicks in every time I order something online. Either it offers a lower price or a coupon code. I love it !!


I never found me a deal. Even worst, Amazon shows a price and this extension shows as a deal a higher price than amazon. It just didn't work for me.


Exceptionally useful app! Thank you, Capital One.


This app has saved me so much money in finding coupon codes, identifying stores with lower prices and through their savings program. Just by shopping, I was able to earn a $50 gift certificate that really helped me with a purchase.


Saved $26 on a pair of my favorite New Balance shoes. It was fast and easy. Thank you!


Excellent App. - While I've only used Capital One a few times, they just saved me $17..80 on an already great deal.... Unbelievable! It's a Win win for us and yet another for the Mfr.


This shopping app is so awesome


Why give so much personal imfomashon


Love that it automatically does the saving for me.


really really good source. i will use it. FOR CERTAIN. emgh


Love this app. I've saved money on many of my orders with no hassle. It's so easy.


Love it so far...


It is very useful and it just save me 40% in just one store $65.00 dollars thanks capital one.


Super savings! Most helpful! thank you!


Just Save me $20 at I Love My Freedom site, I got one T-shirt for free


Genuinely - it's my fave. I use a lot of coupon extensions, and Capital One is the easiest. It auto-populates and suggests first, and also has such a library of products I can search! I have saved hundreds of dollars.


Great App. I received a $22.00 discount at the initial website on Amazon. The discount took me to eBay, where I received another $6.75 discount at checkout. I just received a $45.00 discount for pool chlorine purchased at the intheswim.com website! I didn't even realize that this discount was available; it automatically popped up with this extension.


This app is a must have. I have always appreciated what Capital One does for its customers; they have outdone themselves with this savings app. It just pops up when you have something in your cart and just like that saves you much money. Thank you Capital One; I always rely on your integrity.


It works flawlessly without fail and I am delighted by the savings.


Best thing ever. It does the work for you, what's not to love?


This extension is amazing, I love it. More often than not it finds me discounts and/or coupons that I otherwise wouldn't have known they even existed. Free money!!! Sign me up.


This extension doesn't work for every vendor. But when it does, you'll be glad you installed it. I haven't had it that long (3-4 months) and it hasn't worked on any vendor. Until today. There is a vendor I order from about 1-2 times per year. Today this extension saved me $95.00 on my order. Well worth it to use.


Already saving me money on a few different sites I shop with routinely. I'm more than satisfied.


I LOVE this feature. I usually forget I have it until it pops up. Every once in a while I do save some money, but at least it researches it for me to let me know for sure. Thank you so much Capital One!!


Thanks for saving me $50. I love Capital one!


Wasn't even thinking about a discount when placing an order. Capital One popped up with 10 codes and saved me 20% on my check reorder which was huge after the order extras like shipping and tax were added. I still paid less than check prices.


It worked really well with my purchasing with vivobarefoot shoes, (official website), I didnt expect to receive any discount in the first place, as we all know we are in a shortage of everything these days, the shoes are hard to get not to mention discount, but this app just nailed it by saving me $29 which i could use to upgrade my shipping from Europe from two weeks to less than a week. Appreciate it!


This is one of the hottest B2M apps out there! If you want to save money, stick with Capital One! The plugin installs with the click of a button and all you have to do is fill in your information. Every time you shop, you save even more money! If you have the Capital One app, you are all set! Just select your favorite store and have fun shopping!


it a vary good extetion


I was so skeptical but I installed it on a whim really. But its paid off! I mean really paid off. $20 here and $15 there, alittle cashback and its added up! Give it a month and see how it does for you. Its been a pleasant surprise for me.


Excellent promotion from Capital One!


Not sure why this app is useful. When I use Amazon, Capital One rarely finds a competitive price elsewhere. When it has, the extra shipping cost wipes away the savings. Also, I just used Grubhub for the first time. Capital One appeared and began looking for discount codes. A box came up briefly, congratulating me because I had just saved $12 and change (the total was originally $33.00). But the box went away without any other information. Problem is...I had no idea what to do to save the $12. It didn't appear on my order after the congrats, and the original price stayed the same. I'm an otherwise satisfied Capital One customer, but I have no use for this service.