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ClassLink OneClick Extension

ClassLink empowers students and teachers with instant access to their learning resources. ClassLink® LaunchPad® includes a library of over 6,000 single sign-on apps and instant links to file folders at school and on Google, Office 365, and Dropbox cloud drives. ClassLink Roster Server easily and securely delivers class rosters to any publisher using open technology standards. ClassLink Analytics gives decision makers the usage data they need.

Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, ClassLink is ideal for 1to1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.

PLEASE NOTE… Your school or organization must have ClassLink for this extension to work. Please contact your technology department or email info@classlink.com.


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it worked for me. lol.


it is a piece if trash DO NOT GET THIS


Isnt it obvious that the "staff" running this are just chat bots?


tbh it works fine but my school computer keeps going down im on another one i know it aint yalls fault butim not a big fan of school eaither


bad and laggy and not a vpn and it took over my mac book and does not let me disinstall


i "use" it in school district and by use i mean forced to have I HATE IT


It maybe a background app but compared to the website it useless why have it installed when it dose nothing usefully expert take some KB out my storage In my option it not need. And blocking all extension's expect school sites it not the best Idea, I know you don't want students playing games or downgliding extensions there not supposed to but all sites for games are already block so what's the point students don't listen yes but This can descried them from doing their work because their board But reconsider this Idea of blocking all extensions.


My school uses this and its completely useless, not only is it faster to just look up the or download the app your trying to use, but you cant even do that because it controls everything and you have to log in twice before your able to use any of the app. For example, if i try logging into google classroom i would just search google classroom, but now if i search google classroom it brings me to classlink and makes me log in twice even when im already logged into my google account, and every since we started using this it glitches my log in to my google account and makes me wipe my locally saved things on my Chromebook like every month


I made an alternative to the VCS version of Classlink Launchpad called VPortal and the alternative is called JPortal by Jeff Groups. Classlink is slow, ugly, terrible on phones, and doesn't respect student's privacy at all. That is why I made an alternative designed for VCS students.


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im just doing this so i can watch my playposit lmaooooo






I downloaded this for class because my school is using this but it does absolutely nothing when you click on it


One day this just randomly popped up on my pc and it has been changing my app data and stuff. DO NOT INSTALL


used this extension for 3 years and it has been HORRIBLE. I mean I cant even with when you open your google the website shows up like a virus, And even when you click the extension it doesnt even open anything I just stays there. This is probably the WORST extension I've seen in years. I mean even the scam extension are better than this. Please just take this down already PLEASE!


I love this extension. It allows for easy sign on and allows me to get into all the apps easier. For those saying it doesn't work, it does, you just don't know how to use it. You don't click on it, it just syncs up with your school account.


this is the best thing in the world. it changed my life for ever and it will change yours. for the gods Zeus Poseidon and mr krabs have blesed us with this gift. just when you think that thing are all good you get hit with a lot of more good. et haec est forma peek. ita extensio non poterat facere hoc tempus machina et romanus me doceat et latine. et debetis aliquid et a translata a Google vel in uigiliarum usque uigiliarum usque uigiliarum usque uigiliarum dixit surgere surgere surgere uigiliarum usque. you now this is ok, I think. am glad that it's a google chrome extension and not some software that you have to install. and i'm also glade it auto-fills my password. if I were to rat it I would say 10/10 good product. ***only series part of the review is last paragraph ***


i hate school and this extension


WHERE DID IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 ITS NOT THEERE AND IS CAN NOT GET IN!!


Awful. Does nothing, school installed this piece of garbage.


Awful. Does nothing, school installed this piece of garbage.


I don't understand why this does anything for half of my classmates but not for the other half. This is an absolutely useless extension that does nothing at all. I cannot do any of my assignments with or without this extension which it was made to do; the classlink extension was supposed to let us sign into certain onelink apps but it doesn't even do that.


Bro I hate this extension with a passion. It does absolutely nothing when I click on it. It makes my computer noticeably slower. Again, I HATE it.


It sucks does nothing except use more ram when i open a new tab and i cant get rid of it because my school has it downloaded and i cant get rid of it


Just Terrible


At first I didn't know what this extension was for in my school chromebook. Now that my teachers gave us a proper demonstration on how to use it, however, it is really amazing. No need for annoying logins and all the important websites are in one app.


No just no


it made my dad run away, you meanie head


spyware school installed it on my PC not thier laptop my PC and its on my chrome with my email not my school email and i cant uninstall it it also has the permissions to see everything on your page and change it


Why do you download a extension that probally was made like this: Huh lets make a scam. *NO SCRIPTING* It does nothing


it gives strangers control over ur pc and make it so u have no more control over ur own pc and so they can look at personal info


TERRIBLE! USE cutt.ly/jportal FOR VCS!


"You're Welcome!"




That isn't how it works.


I Think it is a good Extension...IN 2020-2021


Bag o as*s, messes /w my ad block and often breaks or doesn't function as intended, which puts a lot of work on IT, seeing people get angry at low reviews is funny as hell tho


1. You need a classlink account or one that the school provided. 2. How would chrome accept this if it steals data.


I have a few problems with this extension. I first want to point out that it doesn't block anything, that is either your wifi or another application or extension your district is running. But, this extension does nothing. It doesn't save passwords, and it might even steal your data. I personally doubt that it is stealing data, but, it is always a possibility. I also don't like all the teacher's pets or just teachers in the reviews, commenting on students' posts saying that they make no sense. A lot do make no sense, but don't just go commenting on kids that are sharing their opinion. Thanks, and have a good day


absolutely terrible doesnt allow me to use different websites and interferes with my apps.


it sucks


invasive of privacy, uploads search history to school, forces your google meet camra on.


Pretty Good app I know the extension doesn't work but I don't care a lot of people are dumb and will say it blocks my YouTube well you can unblock it too also if your working on school at the moment why do you idiots need YouTube?


School=Bad Home=Good Extension=Good Used for school=Bad = Meh


It does work, I just don't think people understand how it works. Aside from that, It's okay. EDIT: I stand corrected.


Unless you're okay with running this thing on something your grandma's heart monitor, I wouldn't suggest getting it. It doesn't work on my laptop, and it doesn't work on a brand new chromebook. The extension regularly browses through your history, the sites you visits and what you do on this site. This function can only be turned off by going into your settings and disabling it through an extremely tedious process. Also, to the reviews saying "weh weh weh don't listen to the credible negative reviews this thing is awesome," there are three scenarios here. Either your a dev for the website, you're a teacher, or you just got extremely lucky. To all of the people who actually want this to be a usable extension, write a one star review. If you do that, they have to take it off of the app store and maybe the creators of this sub par extension will come up with a suitable replacement.


school sucks thats it