Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration! Brought to you by Beautiful, powerful, free math exploration! Brought to you by

Desmos Graphing Calculator
Desmos Graphing Calculator

Interactive star map of the night sky 夜空互动星图

Star Atlas
Star Atlas

Quizlet makes simple tools that let you study anything, for free Quizlet制作简单的工具,让你可以免费学习任何东西


CK-12 is an app to help students, and teachers improve K-12 learning globally by providing self-pace learning content & tools. CK-12是一款帮助学生的应用程序,教师通过提供自主学习内容和工具,在全球范围内改进K-12的学习。


Read closely. Think critically. Be worldly. 仔细阅读。批判性地思考。世俗化。


Diagramming software for students, educators, and faculty with an email address from accredited educational institutions. 为学生、教育家和教职员工提供的绘图软件,并带有来自认证教育机构的电子邮件地址。

Lucidchart for Education
Lucidchart for Education

Explore the Solar System in 3D, all in your Chrome Browser 在你的Chrome浏览器中,在3D中探索太阳系

3D Solar System Web
3D Solar System Web

Powtoon is a world-leading video and presentation creation platform Powtoon是世界领先的视频和演示制作平台

Powtoon – Edu
Powtoon – Edu


Eden Frost

this is really a very effective helps alot

De Ann E.

Works great!

Rebecca DW Monter

This is the best study tool I have used in a long time. It really keeps you on your game never knowing which card or answer will come up next. Highly recommend.

Jimmy Tompkins

Not great for small private school kids, like me.

Samuel F. Campbell

Beautiful program it helped me study on the bus or where ever I am Thank You Study Blue! Yours! An Emerging Contemporary Artist ~ Samuel F. Campbell

israel camilla

I have tried a ton of flashcard apps, and this is so far my favorite. Works well on all of my devices. I use only the free version, but I would probably buy it if they offered multiple choice modes.


It is absolutely wonderful and has made studying more fun and enjoyable. I can now remember the definition of terms more easily in less than half the time! I love it 🙂 ~someone who is currently studying


wont load backpack, so cant access anything.

Katrina Estes

This app is wonderful. I use the free version and and it is great. Flash cards, test, and I can put different folders for different classes that hold each set of information.

Simon De Laat

Poor build application. Several non-logic issues. Did’t like it at all.

Oraculoo Pesquisas


Jason blodgett

utterly delusional pricing structure. They charge $36/yr for the ability to add a photo or equation to your notecard. I can buy a lot of paper notecards for $40… Studyblue could be huge if they got the pricing right.


Doesn’t work! Keeps saying ‘session timeout’ and asking me to keep reloading the page. Get this fixed!

DR Ahmed

Thank you so much , it is very useful tool

Amber Mansell

I love this app. Have it on my computer and my phone. Its amazing.

Sheen Dudwadkar

This app is really great for on the go studying, especially in the long term like SAT vocab. I also love the shade of blue they use, and I am very picky about font but they have a great one!

David Davida

im still test drivin so far it looks to have some Excellent potential .. like most stuff how we use is key . im using the free in fact i only use free an open source , an try clean code all the way. Ilike what i see here. Nice template for Classes. ect. part of the school crew 4 shore.

Matt Hieter

I use the free version on my android phone for studding. I use the $30.00 annual subscription version to edit and create cards on my computer. Tech support response is usually a few hours or up to one day. They are updating and it is getting better. I hope they will create a multiple choice system like our test actually are someday.

LasEstrellas Night

C’est tout simplement super ! Dommage que ce n’est pas totalement gratuit mais sinon c’est vraiment cool ! Je la conseil vraiment !

Chaunci Hood

I use study blue for school and I love it! Its great for studying and its just an awesome tool!

Derek Atherton

A very good studying app for college.

Dave Lynam

This is way too expensive.



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