*NEW ANIMATED* Nature HD Wallpapers New Tab

*NEW ANIMATED* Nature HD Wallpapers New Tab


Flower images that wallpaper your new tab. Incredible animation of roses carnations tulips daisies and more colorful spring. 为新标签贴壁纸的花卉图片。令人难以置信的玫瑰康乃馨郁金香雏菊和更加多彩的春天动画。

*NEW ANIMATED* Flowers HD Wallpapers New Tab
*NEW ANIMATED* Flowers HD Wallpapers New Tab


Michael Alloway

I don’t find them “peaceful”enough for me . When I look at wilderness scenes I want to be calmed down and feel relaxed and none of these do that for me .

Ingeborg Aßmann

Funktoniert und ist sehr schön


Love it

Carmen I. Rivera Velez

Facil y me gusta.

رحمه هيثم


dia moussa

c’est trés jolie


works great , beautiful scenery.

George Smith

This is the best app that I have found I could just sit here and watch it over and over… thanks

John Frouws

Wat een verrassende extensie! Prachtige foto’s en mooie vormgeving!

Megan Li

I found a way to delete it go to the right corner click the three dots then click more tools.After click extensions.then when you see the logo of the extension click the garbage can.

Tye Budreau

Not bad… Could use easier accessibility to the existent apps, bookmarks ect.

Boikuntha Chetia

I am in love with this theme. Thanks.

Dolores.C Stagno

simply beautiful

Manchikalapudi Laxmi

I just loved it.

Lola Murphy


Batt Dedrick

wow!! some images are moving.. NICE

Varaaomaca Mooraaa


george palm


Brooke Jalocha

I don’t want it anymore.

Sriya's Creative Art

I dont want it

Belle De

Ok to take this off your computer go to settings, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click advanced settings, then scroll all the way down and click reset all settings, it does nothing but take this nature thing off!

Hoku Chidester

I put it on, and now it takes 3x as long to load, then sends me to yahoo… Very frustrating, and now I cannot take it off. Does anyone else know how?

Saima Naushad

I have added it to my chrome but now i am not able to change it …I dont want this now!

Jackson Allen

I can’t google any thing

Aaron Kendrick

Sorry to the creator for all the haters. I actually like this app. I do not use any of the functions in the new tab, such as the yahoo search and mail. I only do what I always do, which is start typing in the chrome search bar or click on a bookmark. The one complaint I have for this extension is that there is no option to get rid of the junk when you open a new page OR just show the regular new tab google stuff.



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