Knok | Family Travel

Knok | Family Travel


350,000+ hotels worldwide. Save up to 75% on hotels in over 41,000 destinations worldwide! 全球超过350000家酒店。在全球超过41000个目的地的酒店中节省75%的费用!

Free Maps Ruler allows you to easily measure the distance and the area between selected points on a map. 自由地图标尺允许您轻松测量地图上选定点之间的距离和面积。

Free Maps Ruler
Free Maps Ruler

Use the trip calculator to get the driving distance between cities or search for the closest airport. 使用行程计算器获取城市之间的行驶距离或搜索最近的机场。


Easily find the best flight in unique visual interface. Search all airlines (low cost included!) as well as all major travel agents. 在独特的视觉界面中轻松找到最佳航班。搜索所有航空公司(包括低成本!)以及所有主要的旅行社。

WhichAirline Flight Search
WhichAirline Flight Search

Place finder, wordwide weather, driving directions, airport delay maps, converters, distance calculators, maps ,guides, more... 位置查找器,全球天气,驾驶方向,机场延误地图,转换器,距离计算器,地图,指南,更多。。。

Travel tools
Travel tools

Show all routes and bus stops on the map for all bus services in Singapore. 在地图上显示新加坡所有巴士服务的路线和巴士站。

Singapore Bus Routes Explorer
Singapore Bus Routes Explorer

Instant Street View is easiest way to view street-level imagery from your desktop and mobile phone. 即时街景是从桌面和手机查看街道图像的最简单方法。

Instant Street View
Instant Street View

Find the fastest or shortest route. Directions available for the US, Canada, UK, Australia and more. 找到最快或最短的路线。提供美国、加拿大、英国、澳大利亚等地的路线。

Awesome Driving Directions
Awesome Driving Directions


muslih utomo

why I have this app on my google chrome?

Ambra Wood


Andrius Laboka

nice web, i used to travel to find information and find destination.


Uhm , it is a great app for somebody ( i think it isnt but idk ) but for me is just a app i dont care about it . I rate it to it was okay bcs how i told , maybe its helpful for somebody .

Marcos Cuevas

Knok has closed a deal with persona/ to get its chrome app. The persona/ service is still active at but no longer as an chrome webapp. knok ha llegado a un acuerdo para hacerse con la aplicación de persona/ para chrome. El servicio de persona/ sigue activo en

Andrea Vitali

si è installata da sola e non riesco a rimuoverla. temo una violazione della privacy

Google 用户

I don’t care for this app and I have no need of it. I never installed it here but s popped up and one day it was just sitting on my launch page. I don’t know how it got there but it’s really making me furious. I can’t figure out how to remove it and it truly shouldn’t be there in the first place. I was sitting here thinking I got a virus or something. Maybe it was something else, and if it proves to be a mistake on my part I will remove this review but right now I suspect this is some sort of weird viral marketing on knok’s part and it is absolutely not alright.

Костянтин Бакшук

Сначала это было приложение Persona. Потом чудным образом его подменили. Рекомендую удалять и сливать рейтинг.

Guilherme Sudbrack

Why does my app Persona changed to Knok.

Jude Arnold

I can’t get it to quit.

ರಾಕೇಶ್ ಬೀ ಸೀ

Worst app ever. Junk app with good visuals thats all.

Angely Enriquez

nunca pude iniciar sesion con ella, no pude iniciar sesion con facebook.

Chloe Henderson

I don’t even know how to use this it is so confusing you cant get to your information or news feed from your networks.

Margarida Gomes

No presta

Marius Dumitrascu


Andreas L.

and in other language. currently only available in English. Please also in German

Robert Headley

Nice visual outlook on my likes. I like it!

Andrey Davydov

No doubt it’s beautiful way to present yourself but it’s still beta version and in my case some basic functions didn’t work yet. 1. I couldn’t change my profile background picture, it keeps reverting to original pic of cyclist provided by persona. 2. from settings page there is no way to go back to your profile page, I had to manually type address. I know it’s beta but before these basic things fixed I can’t recommend it to my friends. If mistakes fixed I’ll definitely recommend it.

Google 用户

no me gusto, no puedo cambiar la ulr a mi gusto, puso el de mi correo, la idea es buena pero le falta mucho. ademas quiero eliminar mi cuenta y no se como. fail


aplica para ver 3 canales rss

Juan Montoya

No funciona facebook.

Steve A

i like WHAT it does, but i can’t log in to my facebook and that’s what i need it to do. It’s really frustrating cause i can’t tell if it’s me or if it’s the app. im pretty sure it’s the app. Is anyone else having problems. I like the idea that it does most of the social stuff in one page which is what i need right now. Please fix this if it is in fact the app.

Alejandra Sanchez




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