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The iboss Cloud Connector for Chromebooks is used to connect enterprise-owned Chromebooks to the iboss Zero Trust SSE to extend all cloud security capabilities across Chromebook devices. Cloud Connectors connect devices from any location and ensure traffic is always steered through the iboss Zero Trust SSE where security is applied, and logging is generated for visibility. This extension redirects traffic on Chromebooks. The Google Workspace management console must be used to deploy both the Compatibility App and the Chromebook Connector at the same time.

iboss is a cloud security company that enables organizations to reduce cyber risk by delivering a Zero Trust Security Service Edge platform designed to protect resources and users in the modern distributed world. The iboss platform replaces legacy ѴРИ, Proxies, and VDI with a consolidated service that improves security, increases the end-user experience, consolidates technology, and substantially reduces costs. Built on a containerized cloud architecture, iboss delivers security capabilities such as SWG, malware defense, Browser Isolation, CASB, and Data Loss Prevention to protect all resources via the cloud instantaneously and at scale. The iboss platform includes ZTNA to replace legacy ѴРИ, Security Service Edge to replace legacy Proxies, and Browser Isolation to replace legacy VDI. This shifts the focus from protecting buildings to protecting people and resources wherever they are located. To learn more, visit https://www.iboss.com

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ppl who like this are so naive bruh like wat da hail


Once upon a time, there was a group of students from all around the world who were fed up with the iboss cybersecurity system. Despite its promises of protecting their schools' networks and filtering out inappropriate content, the students found that the system often blocked harmless websites while allowing potentially harmful ones to slip through the cracks. One day, the students decided to band together to protest the use of iboss in their schools. They created a social media campaign, sharing their experiences with the system and encouraging others to join them. Soon, they had amassed a sizable following of like-minded students from all corners of the globe. The movement gained momentum, and the students began to organize protests outside their schools, demanding that the administration remove the iboss cybersecurity system. They wrote letters to their school boards, outlining their concerns and proposing alternative solutions. Some even went as far as to stage sit-ins and walkouts, refusing to attend class until their voices were heard. But the administration was slow to respond, citing the need for the iboss cybersecurity system to protect the school's networks and keep students safe. The students were not deterred, however. They continued to protest, taking to social media and contacting local news outlets to raise awareness of their cause. Slowly but surely, their efforts began to pay off. School boards began to take notice of the movement, and some even held public hearings to discuss the use of the iboss cybersecurity system. Eventually, the administration at several schools began to listen to the students' concerns, and some even agreed to remove the system altogether. The students celebrated their victory, proud of what they had accomplished through hard work and perseverance. Though the fight was long and difficult, it taught them the value of speaking up and fighting for what they believe in. And so, the students from all around the world went back to their claooms, grateful to have made a difference in their schools and communities. Though there would always be new challenges to face, they knew they could face them together, united in their cause.


would give this 0 stars because it sucks




trash trash trash :(


i hate this i have to go on opera gx and downlod a ѴРИ to make iboss not work downlod a ѴРИ


SO ANNOYING!!! Can't even access websites for school! DO NOT GET!!


spyware and schools use it to block stuff


Worst thing ever 1st off it breaks the law of 2nd it literally just a computer virus 3rd it dosent even work


Terrible. It is Spyware


No. Just no.


:( sucks


imagine being lame.


makes school unfun. not like school was ever fun


its so dumb it blocks dropbox, coolmath games, social media on accusation of "friendship" Everyone drop a one star so it gets removed https://chng.it/FtMvxRwBzM sign the petition if it's blocked iboss has literally violated the constitution


So this is that "alt acc" guy that had the doc and everything but my acc got removed so this is my new one, if anyone has a way to disable Iboss I will give a website with a bunch of games. If you want more game websites I know a lot that have been blocked so if necessary I give blocked game websites that are really good, And if you are person that is defending this extension, Please go back to rotting your brain and let other people be happy and do what they want. Please and thank you.


it sucks blocks the most stupidest things


My students tried to play Wordle on their laptops, when I gave them time to play it, and then every single child saw that iboss cybersecurity had blocked it. I hate this extension. This gives me a headache. Please remove this from the laptops. Also because of iboss, we got new computers.


It's so stupid they don't let anyone do anything. Delete it off all our computers, a few weeks ago Iboss put a virus on everyone's computers and we all had to get new passwords, even the teachers hate it.


This gave my school computer a virus TEACHERS DO NOT USE FOR STUDENTS.