FantasyLink: Helping you over-analyze you fantasy baseball team since 2012.

What is FantasyLink?

FantasyLink is a Chrome browser extension that integrates FanGraphs, Baseball Reference, Razzball, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball Savant, & Baseball Theater directly into your fantasy baseball league website.

Do I need it?

Do you play fantasy baseball? Is your league site run on CBSSports.com, ESPN.com, or Yahoo.com? Do you often find yourself unimpressed with the stats that those sites provide you? Do you think xFIP has more predictive value then ERA? If you answered yes to these questions, you probably spend a little to much time switching back and forth between your league website and more in depth baseball sites. This extension is designed to cut down on that wasted time.

How does it work?

FantasyLink scans through your league’s team clubhouse, free agency, and trade pages looking in specific places for player names. Whenever a player is found, the extension inserts a link to that player’s profile on more in depth statistical websites (you can adjust the sites in the extension’s setting). Now looking up Mike Napoli’s BABIP is as easy as clicking the little FanGraphs logo next to his name

I’m sold, now how do I get it?

FantasyLink is available for download right here in the Chrome Store. If you know javascript and want to tinker with the extension’s code, you can fork the project on Github at https://github.com/sglantz/FantasyLink.


FantasyLink: 帮助你过度分析你自2012年以来的幻想棒球队。


FantasyLink是一个Chrome浏览器扩展,集成了FanGraphhs,Baseball,Baseball招股说明书,Baseball Savant,& Baseball Sports,& baseball Theater直接集成到您的梦幻棒球联盟网站。




FantasyLink扫描通过你的联盟的球队俱乐部,自由球员和交易页面,在特定的地方寻找球员的名字。每当发现玩家时,扩展会在更深入的统计网站上插入到该玩家的个人资料的链接 (您可以在扩展 的设置中调整站点)。现在查找迈克 · 那不勒斯的BABIP就像点击他名字旁边的小FanGraphs标志一样简单


FantasyLink可以在Chrome商店下载。如果你知道javascript并想要修改扩展 的代码,你可以在https://github.com/sglantz/FantasyLink. 的Github上分叉项目


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