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Clean up Chrome in one single click 一键清除Chrome

SingleClick Cleaner
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SingleClick Cleaner
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SingleClick Cleaner
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Google Chrome keeps a lot of data while you’re browsing the Internet – browsing history, cache, cookies, form data, temporary files and more. This data is usually used to speed up the browsing process. However, sometimes the cache gets too large and starts to slow down Chrome. When this happens you definitely need to clean up your browser. You can clear all the data manually but it’s a tedious work and it’s boring. So, why not leaving it to Single Click Cleaner?
Single Click Cleaner will empty the cache, delete history, remove cookies, clear saved passwords and form data, zap the download history and more… in one single click!

You want only specific items to be cleaned? Or maybe you need to clear the cache for a certain period only? No problem, Single Click Cleaner can do it all. Just go to the Options page and set your preferences.

Single-click Cleaner options:

* Empty the cache
* Clear app cache
* Remove cookies
* Delete download history
* Clear file systems
* Delete saved (autofill) form data
* Clear browsing history
* Remove indexed data
* Delete local storage data
* Clear plugin data
* Delete saved passwords
* Clear webSQL data

* Single-click operation
* You choose what to clean when clicked (see the “Options” page)
* Can clear data for specified time period

当你浏览互联网时,Google Chrome会保存大量数据——浏览历史记录、缓存、cookies、表单数据、临时文件等等。这些数据通常用于加速浏览过程。但是,有时缓存太大,并开始减慢Chrome的速度。当这种情况发生时,你肯定需要清理你的浏览器。你可以手动清除所有的数据,但这是一项枯燥乏味的工作。那么,为什么不把它留给单击清理器呢?






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Божидар Иванов

Works great! The true single-click cleaner!

Shoaib Ullah Khan

Clears the cache but does not reloads the page 🙁

Rio McCloud

Excelente, indispensável para mim.


Efficient and customable but layout of menu option is simple and should be improved. Other competitors have a nicer interface.

David dos Santos

One click and works great!! This should be built in!

Mary Copeland

Worked Fast & You can change the Icon Color or Upload your own.

Валсо Дар

I have forbidden Chrome to store any passwords. They’re gonna disappear when I reinstall Windows anyway, so it’s pointless to let the browser keep them. Instead, I keep them in Bitwarden – the best free password manager extension out there. And since I can’t find a decent cache cleaner on the web store, I clear cache “manually” by automating the process: chrome delete caches.cmd file which contains this: del “C:\Users\RADO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\*.*” /F /Q del “C:\Users\RADO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\GPUCache\*.*” /F /Q del “C:\Users\RADO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Media Cache\*.*” /F /Q del “C:\Users\RADO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\ShaderCache\GPUCache\*.*” /F /Q del “C:\Users\RADO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PnaclTranslationCache\*.*” /F /Q This saves a lot of clicks.

Gersivan Oliveira

Útil e prática.


It will be much more convinient and self explainatory to add a detailed comments for each one of the options ! Which way one will affect on a particular user data in certain way. Lets say, i want to “refresh” chrome internals without re-installing it and save maximum of my prefered data, including: cookies, passwds, website looks, all of my extensions settings and sessions. Im interested in these options in particular: – Clear app cache – Clear file systems – Clear indexed data – Clear local storage data – Clear webSQL data


Why real CCleaner for Windows can delete about 40 mb/200 files of Chrome cache after cleaning with the extension? The extension doesn’t delete all Chrome cache! In the settings all marked correctly. It is need to fix!

Jorge Sánchez Cuéllar

Hace lo que se supone que debe de hacer. Es configurable y muy funcional. Quizás unos mensajes con los procedimientos que realiza estarían muy bien.

sandy setiawan

tunggu dalam beberapa hari, kalau memuaskan bintangnya akan sempurna

Maiker montero

muy buena

Google User

Very Good… Thanks ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌ 🙂 ‌‌


no selective History

Vlad H.

But you probably selected “cookies”, which will sign you out from everywhere. Cookies are required by most sites to keep you logged in.

euros ST.

I gave 3 stars Because When I clicked the “Bin” button, It has signed me out from everywhere, and I Didn’t select the (“Clear saved passwords” or the “Clear saved autofill form data”) from the options.


Semplice e funzionante!

Saug Muidi

10/10 a true oneclick

Ehab Ibrahim

thanks, so simple!!

Michael Kazmierski

I create and test websites and I wanted something simple to quickly clear my browsing history/cache. This is exactly what I needed!

Sizu Gurinika

紛らわしい。ストアに全く同じでの機能があるが此方がバージョン見ればわかりますが此方が最新です。 OneClick Cleaner for Chrome みたいなに面倒くさくなく アイコンクリックだけで動作するのでVivaldiやOperaでも愛用してます。


This plugin works great!. Easy to set up and use. It’s better to check the settings first before using it.

Vasantha Ch

Some times may delay to load and clean. Check it once

Gurkan Zergeroglu

Süper Eklenti; Diğerlerine göre hem kullanımı kolay (1 click) hem de seçenek menüsü sayesinde kişiye özel.



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