Bringing Vim’s elegance to Chrome

Hello, Welcome to Vrome!

Vrome is a Vim keybindings extension for chrome, It is used to give you a more efficient browsing. Proudly recommend it to you!

Vrome, inspiration from the Vim text editor and Vimperator for Firefox. So it works almost like Vim and Vimperator.

But there are some additions to make Vrome sweet! hope there are some surprises for you! 😉

Get a full description here:

It conver features about Navigation, Tab manipulation, Marks, Hint Mode, Scrolling, Zoom, History, Bookmark, Search, Shorten URL, InsertMode, External editor support, build your own keybindings…

Get a full features list here: https://github.com/jinzhu/vrome/blob/master/Features.mkd

Do you want to try it? Install it, reload all your tabs to enjoy it!

/*NOTE*/ Chrome does not allow extensions to run on Chrome Webstore, Setting page and New Tab page!
/*NOTE*/ Vrome is a open source project. It’s Reliable. We won’t use your personal information! All permissions required are used for features. You could check the source code here: http://github.com/jinzhu/vrome

Thanks – By Jinzhu <[email protected]>


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