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With Dolphin Connect, you can sync tabs and bookmarks, send webpages and more directly to your mobile devices. 使用Dolphin Connect,您可以同步标签和书签,发送网页,以及更直接地发送到您的移动设备。

You don’t even need to think about it. Send a phone number, directions or your favorite photo between your computer and connected devices. You can even use Dolphin Connect to sync your tabs and bookmarks across all devices and Chrome desktop browser.

Send Web Content:
Website: Click the Dolphin icon on toolbar and choose another Dolphin connected device. Presto!
Phone number or any selected text: Highlight desired text/phone number, right click and choose “Send to mobile.”
Images: Right click on image and choose “Send image to Dolphin.”
Directions: Use Google Maps to find directions. Below the location fields click on “Send to Mobile” Dolphin button.

Sync Data:
Start to sync your Chrome bookmarks & tabs to your mobile device.

To send or sync data with your mobile device with Dolphin Connect, you first must download Dolphin Browser on Android, iPhone or iPad.

Dolphin Browser is the FASTEST, EASIEST and most FUN mobile web browser available. Dolphin Mobile Browser is the world’s first Gesture and voice enabled mobile web browser on Android and iOS.

Download the latest version of dolphin browser now!
If you have trouble to use Dolphin Connect, visit

The updates on version 2.0 are as follows :

User Interface
1.Rearranged the home UI
2.Now displays ‘Last sync’ and ‘Last online’ times
3.Can view mobile device bookmarks

1.Can now push to and receive from offline devices
2.Fixed various bugs in bookmark sync


你甚至不需要考虑它。在计算机和连接的设备之间发送电话号码、方向或您喜爱的照片。您甚至可以使用Dolphin Connect在所有设备和Chrome桌面浏览器上同步您的标签和书签。



若要使用Dolphin Connect发送数据或与移动设备同步数据,首先必须在Android上下载Dolphin浏览器,iPhone或iPad。


如果您无法使用dolphin Connect,请访问



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