🔥 浏览网页时可轻松查看翻译版本。由Google翻译小组提供。
🔥 This extension adds a button to your browser toolbar. Click the translate icon whenever you want to translate the page you're visiting. The extension also automatically detects if ..
🔥 黑暗主題是每個網站的經典黑暗模式。 深色主題將網站切換為深色閱讀器、夜班模式、夜間和日常瀏覽。 夜班模式
🔥 黑暗模式Chrome 的黑暗閱讀器將在所有網站上放置黑暗主題,適合那些在夜間工作的人和黑暗閱讀器的在線新聞或書籍閱讀。 將瀏覽器中的所有網站應用到黑暗模式,並從黑色主題中排除任何域以獲得更好的體驗。 可以使用您喜歡的任何顏色創建您自己的自定義主題。 社交網絡的深色模式——Instagram、推特、twitch、youtube 和主流網站以及所有其他網站的深色..
🔥 安全自动填充您的登录名和密码、银行卡详情和您访问网站的地址。
🔥 存储您的登录名、密码、卡片以及其它个人数据,并使用您的主密码对其进行保护。 只有安装了 Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows 才起作用。
🔥 A simple extension that allows you to schedule Jitsi Meetings.
🔥 Jitsi Meet is an OpenSource (Apache) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, scalable video conferences. You can try it out yourself at h..
🔥 Extension to use digital certificates within webpages
🔥 WebPKI is web based component that supports documents digital signing, signature verification and document encryption. This product is developed to enable browser signing of docume..
A tool to help you access, search and organize your data.
Needl helps you find any of your information in 2 clicks or less.
Save, search, organize your ChatGPT conversation history
1Proompt: Save, search, and organize your ChatGPT conversation history —————Features————— - Save 💾: All your ChatGPT conversation records will be stored locally, allowing you to ac..
直接从您的浏览器轻松下载 Suno 的音乐。畅享直接访问和保存 Suno 歌曲到您设备的便利性,无忧无虑。
Suno Downloader 在 Suno 中添加了流行歌曲的下载按钮。 安装Suno Downloader扩展后,Suno网站探索中的热门歌曲下方会出现一个下载按钮,点击下载按钮即可将歌曲直接保存到您的设备。 ➤ 隐私政策 根据设计,您的数据始终保留在您的 Google 帐户中,而不是保存在我们的数据库中。 您的数据不会与任何人共享,包括附加组件所有者。..
Matador Falcon extension
Matador Falcon project used to get a list of vehicles and details for each vehicle, accessible with Matador.ai credentials.
keepClipper insert clipped web contents directly into google keep. No config required
🔔 Save to Google Keep in a single click! 📢 Top Features ✪ No Signup required ✪ Open Keep in side Panel ✪ Save selected text, images and urls ✪ Automatically saves to Google Keep ✪ ..
Translate and save words and phrases while browsing the web, then practice your language sets using flashcards on the phone.
Translate words and phrases while browsing the web and learn a foreign language using flashcards mobile appRepeet📱 Download the app now on www.repeet.app and practice your words an..
Translate and speak subtitles for YouTube into multiple languages with AI.
Enjoy your YouTube journey with AI Speak Subtitles for YouTube, the ultimate Chrome extension for spoken subtitles. Elevate your video-watching experience with real-time spoken tex..
The Flooring theme for your chrome browser , A decent and lightweight theme With floor in small circle image at top. HOW TO…
The Flooring themefor your chrome browser , A decent and lightweight theme With floor in small circle image at top. HOW TO UNINSTALL: - Access the Settings on your Chrome browser -..
This extension allows you to switch between browser windows
When you experience tabs overload, this extension is a solution to help you manage that problemFor those that are technical, this extension works a lot like "git checkout" for the ..
View the DOM in 3D.
A tiny spatial DOM viewer.
Focus on what you have to do.
You can register the URL of the site you want to block. If you run the service while working, you can't use the registered site while working.
Boost English vocabulary with HighVocab. Save words and phrases, highlight while browsing, and rephrase sentences.
Introducing HighVocab, the ultimate Chrome extension to boost your English vocabulary and master phrases effortlessly. Having trouble with memorizing new vocabulary and phrases you..
Helping you read foreign texts or watch foreign videos, learning the language in the process.
Translate words on the go, with support for multiple AIs. Save words, add notes, and improve your language skills while you read. 致力于辅助外文阅读和学习,提供词典、翻译、单词收藏、单词笔记和记忆等功能。
View, edit, and share PDF documents.
Lumin is a PDF reader and editor designed to integrate with Google, so you can make more impact with less admin. Our extension offers quick access to PDF reading tools – straight f..
A Network Requests Interceptor
Cepter is a powerful and user-friendly Chrome extension designed to help web developers and testers streamline their workflow. With Cepter, you can easily intercept network request..
Check your GitHub pushes easily.
Introducing GitHub Push Checker, your go-to companion for effortlessly staying updated on your GitHub push activities! Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started w..
This extensions change color for Jira component
This extensions change color for Jira component
sidenav is an organization tool for teams
sidenav is a shared link organization tool for highly productive teams
Generate accurate AI anime image from prompt, pose or image.
AI Image Generator是一个AI图像Chrome扩展程序,可以帮助您快速使用简单的提示创建动漫AI图像。您甚至可以通过设置3d模型姿势来创建特定姿势的AI图像。 **功能** 1.从提示生成惊人的动漫AI图像: 只需要在浏览器中输入简短的提示,比如“勇敢的剑客”或“可爱的魔法少女”,您就可以立即获得独特且美丽的动漫风格角色图像。根据您的线索和倾..
Akeyless SRA
The Akeyless Platform is a leading SaaS-based Secrets Management solution that protects and manages credentials, certificates and keys used by machines, applications and DevOps tea..
Awesome Reading Experience with Elysian epub阅读器插件: Offline, Tailor Font, Size, Color Themes, and Layout for Maximum Enjoyment!
🚀 Introducing Elysian EPUB Reader Discover a new realm of reading with Elysian EPUB Reader, the ultimate browser extension designed for avid book enthusiasts. 📚 Features: ✨ Read EP..
将OpenAI的ChatGPT整合到您的搜索引擎中! 在任何网站上使用Chat GPT辅助工具。
介绍一下ChatGPT Plus for Google--这是一个终极浏览器扩展,让你无需离开搜索引擎结果页面就能利用OpenAI的语言模型的力量。有了ChatGPT Plus for Google,你就可以从浏览器中获得对任何询问的即时和有用的答复。这个扩展是一个强大的工具,通过为您的问题提供自然和类似人类的回应,帮助您节省时间和精力。 ChatGPT P..
Discover and highlight accessibility violations on the web with the push of a button.
Identify & resolve accessibility issues with Accessible Web Helper, a powerful Chrome extension that helps you meet web accessibility compliance. With WCAG guidelines at its co..
Data management for everyone. Aboard uses AI to simplify your life’s work.
Aboard is powered by amazing AI technology that helps you live your best digital life. Use our Chrome Extension to clean up your tabs, ditch spreadsheets and bookmarks, and organiz..
Bookmark Alert: Stay organized with reminders for bookmarked sites. Never miss important pages again!
Ever bookmarked a site, only to lose track of it in your sea of tabs? Introducing Bookmark Alert – now, alongside bookmarking a tab, set reminders to revisit it. Never miss crucial..
Dev Tools Extension to report on elements attributes and copy their value as text or xpath expression
A dev tools extension that allows to inspect Html elements attributes by name or custom name and display a list with their values or missing values. It is possible to copy the valu..
Add Mastodon posts to your twitter.com home timeline feed
Mastodon Chirper is a browser extension which integrates the Mastodon social network with the twitter.com UI. All you need to do is login to your Mastodon account and the extension..
Customize which GitHub Event to be notified.
> Too many unwanted GitHub issue or PR notifications? Want more precise notifications? This web extension allows you to customize which GitHub Event to be notified. Use cases: -..
The Clique Extension is an interface for users to access and prove their private data to using Clique’s identity oracles.
The Clique extension bridges users to the advanced identity oracle technology of Clique. It empowers users to verify select private information they encounter in the browser to rel..
Passphrase generator for secure and memorable passwords.
Introducing PhraseGuard, the ultimate Chrome Extension for enhancing your password security. With its simple and intuitive user interface, you can easily generate uncrackable passp..
The Cxfileexplorer light Theme looks good for your chrome browser , A decent and lightweight theme combination of light colors.…
The Cxfileexplorer light Theme looks good for your chrome browser , A decent and lightweight theme combination of light colors. HOW TO UNINSTALL: - Access the Settings on your Chro..
金山收藏助手是一个兼容于各大浏览器的扩展程序。它可以将自动剥离广告后的网页内容一键保存至金山文档。 📌一键保存网页正文,告别手动复制粘贴 浏览到喜欢的网页,点击金山收藏助手,即可将网页内容保存至你的金山文档中。 🔍智能剥离网页广告,告别无用干扰信息 金山收藏助手可以智能识别并去除悬浮或嵌在网页中的广告,还你干净、无噪的网页内容。 🌍丰富的收藏格式,支持单独收..
The official WikiTree browser extension.
The WikiTree Browser Extension adds advanced features to WikiTree.com. Each feature can be turned on or off so you can customize WikiTree exactly as you want. Features include: * A..
Remove unwanted search results from Google for a better search experience.
I never click on any `quora.com` links when doing a Google search, and I'm sure many of you have a few websites that you also avoid as much as possible when they show up on your se..
PromptsGenii helps you generate visual prompts for AI image generators like Midjourney or DALL-E.
Create stunning, creative prompts with ease using PromptsGeniithe ultimate AI prompt generator for digital creators. This game-changing tool takes the guesswork out of crafting pro..
Jarvis AI Copilot Chatbot by ChatGPT, OpenAI, Claude, Midjourney: 这个翻译应用程序可以重写电子邮件模板,帮助你更好地写邮件并翻译英语摘要与ChatGPT。语法和拼写
🚀 使用 Jarvis AI 助手聊天机器人解锁未来您的终极人工智能副驾驶!🤖 🔥 通过 Jarvis AI 助手,提高您的生产力,它是您的一站式解决方案,利用 ChatGPT 强大的能力,提供广泛的知识,GPT 4 用于尖端语言理解,Claude AI 用于先进的创新,Llama 2 用于下一级文本生成,Bard 用于创意内容创建,Bing Chat 用于..
View the state of your LiveView and its components from the DevTools pane!
Record and replay the interactions on your LiveView in order to debug problems with your socket assigns' state
SideGemini Side Panel for Bard and Google Search integration with OpenAI ChatGPT, web access enabled by WebGPT plugin.
With SidePanel for Bard, you can seamlessly integrate ChatGPT and Bard into your Google Search queries, unleashing their combined power to provide you with answers, insights, and i..
set proxy
轻松快捷地管理和切换多个代理设置。 管理和切换代理设置。 鉴于 SwitchyOmega 不再维护,此插件的目标为无缝替代 SwitchyOmega 。使用方法均和其保持一致,目前还处于开发状态,使用 manifest v3 版本进行完全重构,核心的代理功能已全部支持。 有任何问题可以在这个链接提交,https://github.com/proxy-rock..
Niche Voyage gives you the power to quickly generate articles, long format paragraphs, nlp friendly formats of your selected text,…
Niche Voyage gives you the power to quickly generate articles, long format paragraphs, nlp friendly formats of your selected text, semantically relevant questions, expand existing ..
Export Flomo notes to Markdown file.
导出 flomo 笔记为 Markdown 文件。 支持导出图片、标签和双链。支持无缝导入 Obsidian、Heptabase 等笔记工具。 Export Flomo notes to Markdown file. Supports exporting images, tags, and backlinks.Enables smooth integrati..
XDR Ribbon and Investigation Widgets
Cisco XDR Ribbon Extension Offered by: Cisco XDR The Cisco XDR ribbon extension offers a distributed set of capabilities that unify visibility, enable automation, accelerate incide..
Review and understand your legal documents quicker than ever before. Sumrise is your AI legal assistant that will take your legal…
Review and understand your legal documents quicker than ever before. Sumrise is your AI legal assistant that will take your legal document and: - Remove legal jargon - Simplify cla..
Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily. 1. Forked from Proxy SwitchyOmega 2. Suitable for manifest V3 version Source code: https://github.com/suziwen/ZeroO..
Keeps a running count of open tabs and windows.
Shows you a count of the total number of tabs, total number of windows, and number of tabs in the current window. Also has an option to export your tabs as a JSON file.
Force user finish at least 1 leetcode question a day
The ForceLeet app mandates the completion of a LeetCode challenge as a prerequisite for accessing any entertainment websites. To activate or deactivate the app, simply click on its..
All-in-one productivity sidebar for Google Chrome.
All-in-one productivity sidebar for Google Chrome. Integrated with Notion, TickTick, Baidu Drive, Youdao Translation, Unsplash Image and a collection of LLM
ChatGPT Data Leak Prevention (DLP) by Nightfall AI: Prevent Data Leaks and Protect Privacy
ChatGPT is a powerful AI utility that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as generating text, translating languages, and writing different kinds of creative content. However, ..
An Extension that helps to Execute the Large Length Where Clause Query
This extension facilitates the execution of extensive SOQL queries, addressing the constraint where the maximum query length is restricted to 4000 characters beyond the WHERE claus..